Project assurance

Do your projects deliver, on time and on budget - always?

From the beginning of a project through to completion, make sure that appropriate milestones are set and adhered to and the project delivers

  • How confident are you that projects will be completed on time, on budget and that they’ll deliver what’s expected?
  • That the implementation of systems and (IT) processes will be successful?  Are your projects being adequately managed to assure success?
  • Do you have sufficient security and controls in place?

Working with project assurance professionals can help you make sure that security and controls are considered from the beginning – as far as possible. And you can be sure IT systems work as and when required, thanks to well-controlled implementation. Also, that you benefit from the value they promise. Project assurance helps safeguard consistency across projects and make sure you’re not violating compliance requirements. It promotes transparency and accountability, and helps assure the realisation of business or project benefits.

Do your projects deliver, on time and on budget - always?

How we can help

We can carry out a high level assessment or dive deep into a project, always calling on our multidisciplinary expertise to address all relevant aspects. We can work with you from the beginning of a project, right through to completion, making sure that appropriate milestones are set and adhered to throughout. We can advise on project methodology and technologies, and help set up a suitable project office to assure consistency in project and programme management.

We can support you with blueprint reviews, ensure proper data migration and testing, and help with the documentation of procedures or the delivery of training.

As required, we can work with you pre- as well as post-project to audit systems and processes, and assess and deal with risks. We can also support your reporting efforts on project quality toward stakeholders.

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