Trusted Information Security Assessment Exchange (TISAX®)

Building trust among suppliers in the Automotive sector

What’s TISAX®?

Trusted Information Security Assessment Exchange, or TISAX®, is a common assessment and exchange mechanism used in the Automotive industry and beyond. TISAX® is a registered trademark of the ENX Association. It was developed under the guidance of the VDA (German Association of the Automotive Industry) to help ensure an appropriate level of information security. TISAX® brings standardisation, quality assurance and mutual recognition of information security audits in accordance with ISO 27001 standards. 

Why do you need it?

In the Automotive industry, businesses are increasingly looking to their suppliers to be TISAX®-compliant, as a security measure that the sensitive data they share is sufficiently protected. The added level of assurance that TISAX® compliance provides builts trust with your customers and can put you a step ahead of your competitors.

Is your organisation TISAX®-compliant?

PwC can help you attain your desired TISAX® label

PwC Certification Services GmbH is an ENX-accredited auditor for TISAX® assessments that leverages PwC’s international Network, including PwC Belgium, to deliver its services internationally. After assessing your organisation and providing you with a full report of the final results, we share the assessment results on the ENX platform. PwC has no business relationship with ENX in the context of these offers.

PwC Certification Services can support you with all aspects of the TISAX compliance process.

Our PwC Certification Services can support you with all aspects of the TISAX® assessment  process. We’ll work with you to define the scope of your certification, perform the assessments required to identify compliance gaps, or guide you through your self-assessment. Our specialists will then help remediate any compliance gaps.

Why PwC?

Our security specialists deliver added value and top-notch support through:

Diverse and experienced team

Our experienced PwC Belgium teams of over 200 Cyber & Security and Risk, Control and Compliance experts take a proven approach to address your key challenges and uncover valuable insights.

Worldwide Network

Our global PwC Network allows us to certify multiple locations in one project, involving different PwC offices as needed while ensuring centralised coordination and communication.

Deep experience

Our experience in information security assessment (including ISO/IEC 27001) is extensive. We have the independence and ability to bring a fresh perspective that’s in line with your organisation’s operating model.

Knowledge sharing and transfer

We’re committed to working collaboratively with you and helping you plot your roadmap. As part of the engagement delivery, we work with our Centre of Excellence team in Germany to help you to fill in the security gaps we identify during your information security assessments.

Client confidence

We aim to form close, long-term relationships with our clients. Gaining in-depth knowledge of your business operations enables us to proactively pinpoint and avoid issues before they arise. We look forward to being your trusted advisor for the security of your information.

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