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Are you looking to jump-start your career in auditing? What if we told you that you could learn in one year what would otherwise take two to master? That is what our PwC Audit Academy is about. You’ll get to focus on interesting and challenging tasks while all the straightforward, less-rewarding ones are delegated to specialised competence centres. The result? Accelerated learning, more meaningful work and more fun. Think you have what it takes? Get ready for light-speed learning and subscribe now to our PwC Audit Academy. 


It’s all about working together with people at all levels, as one team, for diverse and interesting clients. PwC Audit Academy aims to accelerate the learning process of our Associates, enabling you to perform more complex and interesting tasks while delegating simpler and straightforward ones to our competence and delivery centres. Such training would normally be spread over two years but we condensed it into a single one. You can now gain extensive Audit knowledge in a short period of time. Icing on the cake? Eight extra Audit Academy Fridays will be spread over the first year.

Because we care about our staff. We always find ways to improve and reimagine the possible. By providing our associates more meaningful work and investing in their development, we open accelerated learning paths. It’s not only about increasing the development of our talents, but also about achieving greater levels of creativity, motivation, retention and, indirectly, client satisfaction.

Delegating more straightforward tasks to delivery centres provides our teams with more time to gain new skills, learn from each other and deliver higher quality. We also make this experience more challenging and fun by allowing you to explain complex matters to junior colleagues.

It keeps the work interesting, at all times. It’s a way to avoid repetitive and straightforward tasks while challenging yourselves. Being able to learn in one year what you would normally learn in two will speed up your development. When all team members are working on complex matters, they also learn more from each other – which contributes to making auditing fun.

You’ll become a developing Senior Associate, giving you the opportunity to combine experienced Associate training with Senior Associate training. You’ll get to support starters at the PwC Audit Academy while expanding your coaching knowledge.

Or maybe you’re just excited to learn as much as possible? Then click at lightning speed on our careers website link and subscribe to one of our events, join us for Meet & Match days or even contact our recruitment team! We’re looking forward to giving you a boost from the starting blocks of your career!

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