Act now to recover

Maximise your options and together we can restructure for your recovery

When facing uncertainty, decisive action counts. To successfully plan your path to recovery, you need to know what challenges are standing in your way. Because sometimes it’s not as simple as acting on the issue you’re aware of, those that you did not foresee often cause the biggest problems.

Restructuring is not just for businesses who have lost control and face insolvency, they are a way to proactively take — and retain — control of your business, for recovery in the long term. Keep your options open by acting now to recover.

There are four areas detailed below, that you need to take action around to quickly gain control.

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Act now to recover


Are you concerned by reduced customer demands, a squeeze on margins or legacy inefficiencies that are now holding your business back? By taking a strategic approach to operational challenges, you can streamline and remove inefficiencies and cost from your business. Or explore how technology such as automation can relieve pressure on your existing operations and resources.

Liquidity and cash

Reducing debt, increasing available working capital or accessing the most efficient form of cash to finance acquisitions? We will work with you to restore confidence in the accuracy and consistency of cash flow reporting across your organisation. We can help pinpoint where money is tied up and guide you through your options to increase the cash immediately available to you.

Financial restructuring & stakeholder management

Are you facing covenant pressure or pension scheme challenges, credit challenges or a need to improve transparency for key stakeholders? We can advise and guide you through your restructuring options to improve your financial position and keep an open dialogue with your creditors.

Strategic mechanisms

If you’re considering strategic options such as mergers and acquisitions through to wind-downs of company structures; we’ll support you in understanding the strategic options open to you and how best to apply them in a cost-effective fashion.

Thomas Deryckere, Director at PwC Belgium

Thomas Deryckere, Director, explains: “Government intervention has provided a vital lifeline for many businesses, even ones that had previously been strong and well-resourced. Few would doubt that we’re entering a make or break period, with businesses facing hard choices ahead. In this context, businesses need to act now to get themselves on the front foot. They need to understand their options to stabilise their business in the short-term, while also helping them gear up for longer term shifts in technology, customer expectations and international trading arrangements."

"Waiting until government support is withdrawn could significantly reduce the options available. We don’t know how long it will be before pre-pandemic levels of output are restored. To prepare for the coming round of restructuring businesses should focus on repairing their balance sheet and creating the foundation of a healthy medium- to long-term recovery. At the same time, the pandemic looks set to accelerate shifts in the economy in the longer term, as more and more businesses are moving towards digital retail, while the importance of sustainability is steadily increasing. This isn’t just about surviving, but also maintaining control of the business, preparing for the future and ultimately thriving in the long-term”

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