Monique Mariamé

Monique Mariamé

Director, PwC Belgium

Monique is the leader of the actuarial team in Belgium. The team encompasses members having deep expertise in the insurance sector as well as in the domain of employee benefits. She has 20 years of professional experience with 18 years as a consulting actuary in the domain of employee benefits. She also has deep knowledge of the insurance sector.

Since Monique joined PwC in 2009, she has lead several actuarial valuations of employee benefits. She is responsible for the part related to employee benefits in a variety of assignments: audits (both for international standards reporting and for the technical provisions of institutions for occupational retirement provision on the basis of the Belgian legislation). IFRS/IPSAS/USGAAP conversions as well as in the context of financial due diligence (pre and post deal).

Over the past years, Monique has provided support to employers in a multitude of industries in assessing their liability /risks related to employee benefits (retirement and death benefits, medical and disability covers, jubilee premiums, termination benefits, etc. ) and supporting them adapting or implementing new schemes.


  • With PwC since 2009


  • Qualified actuary of the IA|BE (Institute of Belgian Actuaries)
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