Transaction banking

Struggling to remain competitive in the transaction banking space?

Improve your competitive position in the payments and cash management space with innovative, more customer-centric products to become a true partner

As payment and cash management products increasingly become commoditised:

  • Are you able to differentiate your product offerings toward corporates?
  • How well can you compete against new market entrants?
  • Are you able to act as a true partner, offering tax, legal, regulatory and efficiency advice tailor made to meet the needs of clients in their individual business context?


Differentiation makes the difference

Banks that are competent and comfortable taking on a more advisory role are better placed to win more transaction banking business. In today’s payments and cash management world, you must find new ways to present your offerings and ensure your people are adequately trained and prepared to devise and offer new innovative solutions, such as virtual accounts.


Because experience counts

We’ve performed many different projects and worked with multiple banks on their strategic positioning related to transaction banking. We can help you close geographical gaps and increase country coverage by selecting appropriate partners. We’re familiar with all competitor solutions and can help you position your product offerings in the market.

PwC is the uncontested leader in the corporate transaction banking space having been named the number one in treasury consulting by TMI (Treasury Management International) for 15 consecutive years.

Projects we've been involved in include:


Payment Factory and virtual account service definition Analysis of market practice for payment factory and virtual accounts and development of services offering for the bank.

Client advisory

Collection on behalf tax, legal and operational review Development of a tax, legal and operational handbook related to the feasibility of CoBo structures in 20 countries.


Coverage gaps in Europe and LAM Assisting a global leading bank in defining and building its network expansion strategy for transaction services in the countries where it had no presence.


Training on payment factory, PoBo and RoBo Training programme and advisory handbook tailored to the bank capabilities, covering operational, tax, legal, IT, organisation and account aspects.

How we can help

We have a complete understanding of corporate needs in terms of payments and cash management, having completed more than 100 banking restructuring projects with large multinationals across the globe and analysed more than 500 banking responses to regional or global cash management tenders. As a result, we’re ideally positioned to help you improve yourstanding vis-à-vis the competition, benchmarking your firm against your peers, and develop new solutions.

Specifically, we can help you enhance your relationships with existing clients and access a new client base. By better understanding their needs, you can create more client-centric solutions, increasing your ability to win RFPs (requests for proposal) and even grow collateral business.

We can also train your relationship managers and help you built relevant CRM (customer relationship management) tools.

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