Tax dispute prevention and resolution

Transparency measures, international exchange of information and new tax regulations are leading to more frequent and thorough tax inspections worldwide.

PwC can help reduce uncertainty, manage tax audits and seek resolution in case of a dispute.

Your challenges

Compliance and sustainability are at the core of the tax advice we provide. Explaining your business model in a climate of innovation and digitisation can be a challenge, especially when translating it to the tax code.

You can reduce uncertainty by requesting upfront tax rulings from the authorities, engaging in cooperative tax compliance programmes and performing risk assessments. To mitigate the risk of lengthy and costly tax disputes, you can proactively explain your business model, give insights into your transactions, demonstrate where you create value and vet the tax consequences.

PwC helps you navigate these complexities and will assist you in the event of a tax dispute.

How we can help

Our cross-border network of specialists in tax, law, accounting, economics, IT, data analytics, forensics and technology can intervene at any stage of the dispute lifecycle: prevention, management and/or resolution. Leveraging our deep expertise in legislation and our relationships with authorities, we'll work with you to implement the right processes to achieve compliance and establish a constructive dialogue with the authorities.

If a dispute looks likely, we’ll assess your level of risk and make recommendations for remediation. In the event of a dispute, we’ll work alongside PwC Legal to guide you through the options and help safeguard your rights.

Our team’s committed to resolving your tax disputes as quickly as possible. 

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