Innovating through research and development

In a climate of constant change, innovation is no longer confined to the labs of high-tech industries. Every organisation can and must innovate to be future-proof. Are you leveraging the available R&D tax incentives?

Your challenges

In Europe, there’s a strong tendency towards stimulating innovation to drive progress and remain competitive. One of the key goals of the EU is to increase R&D investment to three percent of its gross domestic product. Belgium is currently at around 2.5 percent, so research initiatives are strongly encouraged. 

For start-ups and scale-ups, however, the cost of R&D can be onerous with an immense cash burn rate. For mature organisations, the issue is to channel the innovation you wish to pursue and to achieve a tax-efficient business model. As such, a coordinated approach is essential to benefit from the available tax incentives - otherwise you could miss out on opportunities.

How we can help

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Start-ups and scale-ups

We work with you to define and optimise your innovation strategy from a tax perspective. By identifying and leveraging tax credits, we’ll maximise cash benefits from your R&D initiatives.

We can help build tax-effective employee remuneration packages and convert your intellectual property (IP) protection investment from a cost model to an opportunity model. We’ll develop a sustainable tax IP strategy, to help keep your organisation competitive in the long run.

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Mature organisations

Our multidisciplinary team of over 20 tax, HR, IP and technology specialists will help your organisation free up cash to re-invest in innovation. We work closely with you to ensure your company has an optimised tax strategy in place in multiple areas of your business like technology and software, while also considering IP protection and legal compliance.

We’re on top of the very latest developments in tax and R&D incentives to ensure you’re fully in line with the most recent tax practices, now and for a sustainable future.

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