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Trade tariffs come as a direct hit to your organisation in the form of an immediate impact on your cash flow. Such costs can swiftly erode your profit margin, ultimately dulling your competitive edge.

How much are you losing on customs duties overpayments?

Your challenges

Trade wars. Brexit. Trade agreements. Tariffs. Never has the world of customs and global trade been more of a focal point in the media, politics and business. Previously seen as a back-office task, a company's customs function is now part of the C-suite discussion and has become a crucial aspect of strategic, operational and financial decisions.

Clients across the world are telling us that the trade wars tariff impact is probably the number one issue they’re facing at the moment. In light of the current climate, a manual or spreadsheet-based customs function or total reliance on brokers has become obsolete. The necessity to step up your organisation’s operations is more crucial than ever.

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Trade wars. Brexit. Trade agreements. Tariffs.

How we can help

As leaders in trade consulting in Europe, the Middle East and Africa (EMEA) and beyond, PwC will help you design a sustainable global supply chain. Our experts in export control and import and export compliance can structure an organisation-wide trade governance process, allowing you to maximise efficiencies and significantly reduce duty expenditures. 

Our multidisciplinary International Trade Compliance & Customs (ITC&C) team has broad knowledge in all areas of trade and customs like classification, valuation, origin, export control and free trade agreements. We’re subject matter experts from various industry, government and legal backgrounds. Our extensive knowledge and experience in trade-related matters can be leveraged to provide your organisation and customs professionals with hands-on, customised onsite training in all aspects of your global supply chain. 

PwC’s Global Trade Tool

We’ve developed the Global Trade Tool (GTT), a unique trade analytics platform that provides a customisable, comprehensive dashboard view of your import and export activity. The tool enables your organisation to better manage trade and compliance, and gain clarity and valuable insights into the costs and opportunities across your supply chain.


Explore our international trade and customs solutions

Essentials: classification, origin valuation, duty optimisation

Blocked imports and exports due to customs rejections? Inaccurate and/or outdated data use causing unnecessary workload? Missing proofs of import/export with customs declaration processing pending? 

Our dedicated PwC customs specialists are here to help. We’ll provide your organisation with subject matter expertise in classification, origin, free trade agreements (FTAs) and compliance. We take a hands-on approach to perform a detailed review of your internal procedures and processes to provide you with a tailored solution.

Together, we’ll work to streamline your trade operations and ensure that you’re compliant and in-line with today’s customs environment.

Compliance and data mining

Successful global trade management (GTM) implementation requires proper planning. Companies looking to select and implement trade compliance software must first determine their global functional requirements to evaluate the capabilities and limitations offered by each GTM solution. However, with a dynamic global supply chain operating within complex and distinct regulatory frameworks, it can be difficult to define your requirements to assess GTM solutions.

Further complicating the evaluation process, the GTM landscape is continually evolving. Companies looking to select and implement a GTM solution must fully understand their organisational needs, as well as the vendor landscape and associated cost structures to ensure a successful global implementation.

PwC routinely assists companies throughout the lifecycle of the GTM solution including vendor selection, business cases, implementation and maintenance. Our global, multidisciplinary team of trade compliance experts and GTM solution architects is experienced across all industries and can leverage resources on the ground in over 80 countries.

Governance and strategy

We can help you unlock potential and boost performance by making a holistic assessment of your global trade organisation and aligning the trade function across key dimensions like people, processes, governance and technology.

Your company requires global business advisors – professionals who really get to know your organisation and your specific needs. PwC will enable you to develop insightful customs and trade planning and implementation strategies that can help reduce your customs and trade liabilities while integrating the compliance process into your overall business operations. 

We combine our experience in helping organisations deal with customs and trade challenges with unique insights into how to utilise trade mechanisms that are efficient, effective, and compliant. Our practice has a deep understanding of the operational aspects of multinational trade functions and the capacity to develop clear customs regulatory intelligence for your global supply chain.

Audits and due diligence

In collaboration with our PwC mergers and acquisitions, international tax and transfer pricing teams, we’ll conduct pre-deal due diligence, develop day-one readiness plans and design post-deal integration models covering cross-border trade activity. Our team of customs professionals will work with you throughout this process to ensure your company is compliant and your supply chain is undisrupted due to organisational changes. 

We can also assist with developing and implementing robust audit defence plans that encompass coordination with customs, analysis and collection of relevant data and identification of mitigation strategies to achieve successful audit resolutions. This gives you more time to focus on your day-to-day activities without depleting your trade resources.


USA: export controls and sanctions

When it comes to the transfer of goods, technology and services to foreign parties, the regulations of the United States are very complex. More than a dozen agencies administer and enforce export and sanctions rules against a shifting landscape of export control reform, which affects companies worldwide. 

The cost of noncompliance or violations is high. In addition to steep fines and penalties, it can include debarment, denial of export privileges — a severe blow for export-heavy business models — and reputational damage. It can also expose organisations and individuals to serious civil and criminal penalties.

At PwC, our team includes dedicated specialists with extensive export controls and trade sanctions experience. We understand the US government’s expectations, reform trends and compliance regulations — and we work together with you to understand the implications for your organisation.