Brexit services

The Brexit clock is ticking

The time to act is now!

Whatever form it takes, Brexit will cause disruption and uncertainty. With time running out before the United Kingdom (UK) leaves the EU, businesses need to prepare for every eventuality.

Is your business ready for Brexit?

  • Have you analysed the impact of tariffs on your sales margins and cost base?
  • Have you identified how increased customs duties and import VAT will influence your cash flow?
  • Do you have sufficient legal, tax and customs expertise to deal with new regulatory requirements?
  • Have you obtained the necessary registrations, permits and authorisations to be able to continue your business without interruption after Brexit?
  • Have you considered how Brexit will impact your supply chain and operations (delivery times, warehousing needs, stock levels, etc.)?

How we can help

While there’s still uncertainty around the final outcome of the Brexit process, there are a set of actions that you can take now to make sure that your business is Brexit-ready.

Our multidisciplinary team of legal, tax and customs specialists is here for you, ready to help you:

  • Assess and clearly present the financial and operational impact of Brexit on your business
  • Design a Brexit strategy for your business to mitigate risks and leverage opportunities
  • Implement your Brexit strategy and obtain the necessary registrations and authorisations in the territories where your business operates

Our support is based on our Brexit Assessment Tool combined with a unique Brexit Process Methodology. We work with a multidisciplinary team to provide comprehensive assistance across different jurisdictions.


Brexit Assessment Tool

Do you know the cost of Brexit to your business? Our proprietary Brexit Assessment Tool:

  • Uses your data to deliver a tailor-made dashboard that quantifies estimated customs duty and VAT based on a ”Hard Brexit” scenario
  • Calculates the estimated increased compliance cost for lodging import/export declarations

Calling on Intrastat data potentially supplemented with customs data, we can not only calculate the likely financial impact, but also pinpoint areas of potential opportunity to optimise costs going forward.


Download Brexit Assessment Tool leaflet

Brexit Process Methodology

Based on our experience with other Brexit projects, we’ve developed a four-phased Brexit methodology which takes into account the key areas affected by Brexit:

  • Customs/supply chain
  • Tax & finance, legal
  • People and organisations
  • Governance


Download PwC Brexit Process Methodology leaflet

Multidisciplinary Brexit team

Our multidisciplinary team will help you make sure that you have a successful Brexit strategy in relation to different specific areas of your business, such as:

  • VAT, customs and excise duties
  • Required ERP changes
  • Direct taxation, contracts, intellectual property
  • Supply chain and operations
  • Data protection, trademarks, GDPR
  • Product certification, corporate structure, regulatory
  • HR, workforce and global mobility/immigration, etc.

We’ll also help you obtain the necessary registrations (e.g. VAT, EORI) and introduce customs solutions which will best suit your business needs in the post-Brexit reality (e.g. bonded warehouse, inward processing, AEO status).

Whenever needed, we’ll engage the PwC UK firm and other firms of the PwC Network to address your Brexit-related needs in different jurisdictions, with PwC Belgium remaining your one-stop shop for convenient and efficient communication.

PwC's experience

As a leading tax and legal advisory firm, we’ve been helping numerous multinational and local clients prepare and execute Brexit strategies. Our comprehensive support focuses on both mitigating the risks and costs of Brexit, as well as leveraging simplification options and opportunities available in the post-Brexit world.


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