Data & analytics

Making data work for you

Using data and analytics to devise new products and services, and better ways of doing business, delivering service and creating value.

  • Can you identify which customers to target to grow your business?
  • How could you rethink existing products and services, or create the new ones customers want?
  • Do you struggle to position your brand and raise awareness of your products and services?
  • Are you able to predict demand and make well-informed and timely decisions?
  • How do you use data to help you manage risk?

Collecting, analysing and visualising data effectively can offer insight to help you answer all these questions and support your business in unprecedented ways. Data and analytics offer a whole new way of doing business, delivering services and creating value for your organisation and your clients. 


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Manage data

Collecting, consolidating and cleaning relevant data. Increasing amount of data from new & existing sources.

Perform analytics

Applying intelligent techniques to uncover insight from the relevant data. Predictive, descriptive and prescriptive analytics.

Create visualisation

Converting the data into a more comprehensible and user-friendly format.

Harness insight

Applying the insight into more effective decision making. Improved risk, compliance, margins, productivity, growth and innovation

How we can help

We believe that effective data and analytics comprise four key phases, all underpinned by PwC’s industry expertise and experience: managing data throughout its lifecycle, performing analytics, visualising the outcomes of the analysis and harnessing insight.

From data collection, cleansing, modelling, processing and archiving through to building analytical algorithms and visualisation tools, and including best preserving data privacy and security, we can help you devise an appropriate data strategy and fully support its implementation.

By combining its volume, velocity and variety, we can help skyrocket the value potential of your data and uncover its real power; creating actionable insight and applying this insight to transform your organisation. 

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