Project & programme management

Increasing the value programmes deliver

Achieve success and sustainable change by making sure programmes and projects fully support your strategic ambitions and add real value.

Do projects realise the full potential they promise and deliver value for money?

Do you have the capacity and capability to successfully deliver on change programmes, on time and on budget?

Are you getting the most out of them?

Are you satisfied with the current maturity level of project management in your organisation?

Is your portfolio management approach appropriate and adequate – if you have one in place at all? 

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Feasibility and concept studies

Assess feasibility of ideas and translate them into a realistic and achievable project.

Portfolio management

Establish a robust decision-making process for choosing the right projects and for ensuring a better management of your project portfolio to realise your strategy.

Programme Management Offices (PMO)

Design, implement and run your PMO based on proven methodologies and toolsets.

Project management

Manage your project throughout its lifecycle

Project management coaching

Act as a sounding board for your project management questions, relying on our experience and internationally recognised best practice

Independent project quality assurance

Provide an independent view of your projects across their lifecycle and make recommendations on how to address them.

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How we can help

Calling on proven best-practice tools and techniques, we can help you achieve success and sustainable change.

We can help you evaluate the robustness of programmes and projects to make sure they support your strategic ambitions and add real value to your business transformation efforts.

We can also help you assess whether you have the required skills and resources to deliver expected results, and run projects on your behalf, if required. Benchmarking projects and programmes against best practice, we can help close gaps should they appear. 

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