Lean Six Sigma

Operational Excellence and Continuous Improvement through the application of Lean Six Sigma principles

At PwC, we understand the paramount importance of Operational Excellence for businesses aiming to stay ahead in today's dynamic market. We help our clients harness the power of Lean Six Sigma (LSS) methodologies to drive tangible improvements in performance, productivity and profitability.

Impact on Operational Excellence


Increased production yield of 25% by forecasting fouling at a chemicals company.


Decreased scrap rate of 34% by continuous improvement and implementation of a quality management system.


15% production capacity unlocked by optimising changeover execution and product complexity reduction.


Lean Diamond Awards book 2023

Discover the power of Lean Six Sigma methodologies in driving operational excellence and continuous improvement, extending beyond the manufacturing sector to various industries. Explore our latest 'Lean Diamonds Awards 2023' book and delve into the remarkable achievements of companies that embraced Lean Six Sigma.

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Leverage our operational expertise and global presence to realise durable benefits

Our team of seasoned, connected experts will guide you through the intricacies of process optimisation, waste reduction and continuous improvement. Together, we'll unlock new levels of efficiency, streamline operations and elevate the quality of your products and services.

  • LSS centre of expertise in Belgium. In Europe alone, we have over 100 black belts and 400 green belts, of which the majority was trained by the PwC LSS team in Belgium.

  • Operational Excellence experience at PwC in a wide variety of projects and sectors.

  • Connected with a global community for Operational Excellence and Lean Six Sigma, working closely together to ensure a consistent approach and methodology.

How we help our clients with Lean Six Sigma

We offer focused improvement projects tailored to your organisation's specific needs, ensuring targeted solutions and rapid results: optimising operational excellence and maximising return on investment. This involves collaborating on a specific, known problem, with a limited scope, with PwC as project leader of a joint team.

Together, we define the scope, problem statement, goals and objectives. Next, we take the lead in identifying the solutions following a structured approach, and suggest a way forward. Together, we then solve the problem step by step and implement as needed.

We offer continuous improvement (CI) solutions designed to embed a culture of efficiency and innovation within your organisation, driving sustained growth and profitability while enhancing customer satisfaction. This entails:

  • setting up a company’s production system

  • installing a CI culture at all levels of the organisation by introducing the right tools

  • PwC as program manager and implementation partner.

Together, we’ll ensure that clear governance rules are set within your company, so that the roles and responsibilities at all levels support each stage of the CI programme.

We offer LSS blended learning and certification programmes that empower your teams with the skills and methodologies to drive process improvements, reduce waste and achieve tangible bottom-line results, all while maintaining operational excellence.

  • Quick value realisation by selecting the right certification projects, solving real problems (instant ROI).

  • Full training package: yellow, green and black belt training, plus coaching and certification for green and black belt.

  • Collaboration with MoreSteam, the world’s leading company in Lean Six Sigma e-learning platforms.

Did you know?

The Flemish Region offers support for training through the SME Wallet. For those eligible, subsidies can be obtained when purchasing services provided by a registered service provider such as PwC.


Focused improvement project (Knauf Insulation)

 PwC supported Knauf to elevate their blowing wool product quality, ensuring a decreased defect rate, amidst escalating competition and market shifts. Leveraging the define, measure, analyse, improve, and control (DMAIC) methodology, we meticulously identified critical-to-quality parameters and implemented targeted initiatives across five production sites. These included enhancing communication channels, standardising reaction procedures and digitising production processes. As a result, Knauf experienced a remarkable increase in process capability, achieving a noteworthy reduction in defects and yielding a significant financial gain.

Continuous Improvement (Barry Callebaut)

The collaboration between PwC and Barry Callebaut started with an assessment in different plants, leading to building a new vision and improvement roadmap. A successful CI pilot was launched in one plant, which was the start of the implementation of a full programme and global CI culture. Barry Callebaut achieved significant savings and a sustainable approach to ensure continuity for future improvements.

LSS blended learning and certification (Aliaxis)

Aliaxis asked PwC to support them in upskilling their workforce across 14 plants in Europe with the aim of setting up a true CI community.  We introduced the concept of blended learning that offered: the flexibility of e-learning in terms of timing and language; classroom sessions to experience hands-on simulations that create a real awareness of LSS; and finally, coaching to help employees apply the knowledge in real situations. Through the programme, the workforce got upskilled in LSS, which is expected to result in a minimum annual saving of 2% in fixed costs.

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