Continuous Improvement (CI) Services

Build a strong link between your CI processes and new technologies

Do you want to learn how CI such as Lean Six Sigma can be implemented in your organisation? Thinking about integrating new technologies into your processes?

How we can help

Improve your company’s knowledge, skills and behaviour

With the right training and a change management approach, you’ll improve your employees’ knowledge, skills and behaviours towards Continuous Improvement. To help you achieve this, PwC’s established a strategic partnership with MoreSteam, the world’s leading company in Lean Six Sigma e-learning.

Improve your company’s processes and tools

With our experience in a wide variety of projects, we can design and implement tailored processes. With the right tools, these will enable your company to continuously improve. We teach you not only to use specific tools, but the methodology of solving complex business problems and improving your  company’s performance.

Build a strong Continuous Improvement structure and governance

Together, we’ll ensure that clear governance rules are set within your company, so that the roles and responsibilities at all levels are supporting each stage of the Continuous Improvement programme.

What’s Continuous Improvement (CI)?

No two companies are alike, but many of the challenges they face are similar: increasing costs, declining revenue, cash flow issues, employee turnover, customer complaints, market share decrease, etc. All of these issues can be successfully addressed with CI methodology.

Maturity of existing processes and readiness for change should be considered, among many other factors, in the decision of where and how to apply CI.

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Maturity levels

We will tailor our service offering to the maturity level of your organisation. You can see a general overview below.

Excellent performer

  • Your performance is continuously improving

  • All your employees, from the shop floor to top management, have a very strong knowledge of CI

  • CI is part of your culture and is a clear pillar within your strategic goals

  • You’re fully in control of all the parameters that may affect your performance, which enables you to foresee and prevent problems

  • Your employees’ innovative ideas enable you to improve faster than your competitors

  • Your database and knowledge management system is robust and complete

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Incremental performer

  • Your performance continues to improve, but you don’t leverage the full potential of your employees’ ideas

  • A large portion of your employees has a good knowledge in CI

  • CI is growing in importance within the company. It’s becoming part of your corporate culture due to initiatives by top management

  • Problems encountered in the company are solved quickly and efficiently

  • You sometimes fail to foresee problems and would like to improve in that area

  • You have a strong knowledge management system that enables you to quickly analyse the problems you encounter

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Stable performer

  • Average performance, remains on the same level over time

  • Regular peaks and downfalls in performance are experienced

  • There’s basic knowledge of Continuous Improvement (CI) within your organisation

  • CI isn’t embedded in your company culture

  • Problems are being resolved in an unstructured and unstandardised way

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Coping performer

  • You lack a long-term vision on performance, as you’re too busy fighting various day-to-day problems

  • CI is a concept that is unknown to most of your employees

  • You don’t have a clear view on all the problems that arise within the organisation, or on how these are solved

  • You’re unaware of the parameters that may affect your performance and how you can identify and control them

  • There’s no standard way of working, or standard procedure for problem solving

  • Employees aren’t involved in improvement programmes

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Cases and testimonials

Examples of results in factory projects (bottom up)

  Baseline Improvement (%) Achieved value
Output production 38 tons/shift
31% 50 t/sh
Scrap reduction 2.5% 75% 0.5%
Overall equipment effectiveness (OEE) increase 60% 30% 82%
Lead time reduction 15 weeks 66% 5 w
Scrap reduction 4% 50% 2%
Inventory reduction 24m euros 42% 14m euros
Technical failures 1,800 hours 86% 250 hours
Production output 30 tons/shift 27% 38 t/sh

Example of results of an implemented programme (top down)

  Baseline Improvement (%) Achieved value
Earnings before interest and taxes (EBIT) improvement 1.5% 400% 6%
Programme savings
20m euros / 200m euros
Programme payback after one-year implementation ~1-4 months

Barry Callebaut

Development of a global Continuous Improvement programme and culture

The Barry Callebaut and PwC collaboration started by assessing various situations in the plants before building a new vision and roadmap. PwC supported it by launching a successful pilot in one of the plants. Finally, Barry Callebaut implemented the full programme and culture globally. This has enabled it to achieve significant savings and ensured continuity for future improvements.


Visual management implementation

PwC helped Abriso improve  communication between the operators and production, as well as knowledge sharing and involvement from management with regards to operators’ daily activities. These objectives were successfully achieved with the implementation of 24-hour boards and a Gemba Walk in the plant.


Bart Smits, Global Head of Quality Assurance

“With its deep knowledge and experience in operational excellence, PwC supported us in bringing structure and transparency to our operational improvements.Together, we built a vision and a roadmap, and we’re putting all the building blocks in place to make this is a sustainable effort. One of the key success factors is PwC’s ability to connect to our culture and people, creating engagement at all levels of our organisation.”



Axel Schaaf, Director of Strategic Programmes & TPM Management

“In five months Abbvie, together with PwC, identified its main manufacturing-related gaps and translated them into a portfolio of initiatives to implement. The project required PMO support for some initiatives and full implementation of the lean methodology for others (SMED, KAIZEN...)”

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