Continuous Improvement Services

Build a strong link between your CI processes and new technologies

Do you want to learn how to implement CI and Lean Six Sigma methodology in your organisation? Are you thinking about integrating new technologies into your processes?

How we can help

Improve your company’s knowledge, skills and behaviour

Building the right capabilities in Lean Six Sigma while realising a real business impact with our unique people and results oriented program based on blended learning. You can learn more about PwC’s approach and strategic partnership with Moresteam on our Lean Six Sigma page

Improve your company’s processes and tools

With our experience in a wide variety of projects, we can design and implement tailored processes. With the right tools, these will enable your company to continuously improve. We teach you not only to use specific tools, but the methodology of solving complex business problems and improving your company’s performance.

Build a strong Continuous Improvement structure and governance

Together, we’ll ensure that clear governance rules are set within your company, so that the roles and responsibilities at all levels support each stage of the Continuous Improvement programme.

What’s Continuous Improvement (CI)?

No two companies are alike, but many of the challenges are similar. 

You want to decrease your costs, boost your revenue and cash flow, keep your employees and customers happy, increase your market share etc. All these ambitions can be successfully addressed with the CI methodology. 

In today’s reality, we should consider both Lean Six Sigma and Industry 4.0 as necessary, synergetic parts to drive continuous improvement. Digital tools will support your ambitions for continuous improvement. You can learn more about Industry 4.0 by visiting our Experience Centre;


Barry Callebaut

The collaboration between PwC and Barry Callebaut started with an assessment in different plants, leading to building a new vision and improvement roadmap. A successful CI pilot was launched in one plant, which has been the start of the implementation of a full programme and global CI culture. Barry Callebaut achieved significant savings and a sustainable approach to ensure continuity for future improvements.


PwC helped Abriso to improve the communication between operators in production and logistics departments, to increase knowledge sharing as well as management visibility and connection to the shop floor. These objectives were successfully achieved with the implementation of 24-hour boards and a Gemba Walk in the plant.



Bart Smits, Global Head of Quality Assurance

“With its deep knowledge and experience in operational excellence, PwC supported us in bringing structure and transparency to our operational improvements.Together, we built a vision and a roadmap, and we’re putting all the building blocks in place to make this is a sustainable effort. One of the key success factors is PwC’s ability to connect to our culture and people, creating engagement at all levels of our organisation.”


Axel Schaaf, Director of Strategic Programmes & TPM Management

“In five months Abbvie, together with PwC, identified its main manufacturing-related gaps and translated them into a portfolio of initiatives to implement. The project required PMO support for some initiatives and full implementation of the lean methodology for others (SMED, KAIZEN...)”


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