Lean Six Sigma training and certification

Upskill your workforce and realise tangible results on your training investment, both in motivation and financial returns

How do you achieve continuous improvement?

Upskilling and engaging your workforce: your challenges

Do you struggle to see your training investment being translated into tangible results? Is it difficult for your workforce to combine knowledge-building within their day-to-day jobs?

More than ever, companies need to engage and upskill their workforce, while meeting challenging objectives. But Lean Six Sigma (LSS) training is usually costly, time consuming, theoretical and not easily applicable in day-to-day operations. Getting a quick return seems impossible. How can you set up an effective training programme that engages your employees and, crucially, delivers results?


Click here to view the presentation and listen to the recording of our ‘Upskilling Lean Six Sigma capabilities with blended learning‘ webinar.

LSS training and certification programme the PwC way

PwC can help you set up a unique people and results oriented programme based on three pillars.

  • Our blended learning approach combines e-learning and hands-on classroom training with individual coaching on LSS certification projects. The combination of these elements is used to fully engage participants with the focus on delivering results.

  • Afterwards, the PwC certification board, consisting of black belts (GB) or Master black belts (BB) and the project coach, will evaluate the project and decide on the certification.

  • We also set up train-the-trainer programmes for green and black belts, so internal resources can pick up internal coaching and training along the way (See one - Do one - Lead one). This way, the centre of gravity of the training programme lies within your company and sustainable continuous improvement culture is guaranteed.


Why choose PwC for LSS training and certification?

We offer

  • quick value realisation by selecting the right certification projects, solving real problems (instant ROI).

  • full training package: white, yellow, green and black belt training, plus coaching and certification for green and black belt.

  • collaboration with MoreSteam, the world’s leading company in Lean Six Sigma e-learning platforms.

  • operational excellence experience in a wide variety of projects and sectors.

  • global operational excellence and active participation in the LSS community, working closely together to ensure a consistent approach and methodology.


Did you know?

The Flemish Region offers support for training through the SME Wallet. For those eligible, subsidies can be obtained when purchasing services provided by a registered service provider such as PwC.

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PwC’s innovative approach to LSS training, coaching and certification

The first pillar of the blended learning approach focuses on providing theoretical background in the form of e-learning. Through the use of the Moresteam platform, trainees complete this part at their own pace in their preferred language, at a time and place of their choosing. The e-learning part includes tutorials, practice exercises and supporting material to keep it interactive. Administrators follow up the trainees’ progress and use the output to guide future classroom sessions. To complete an e-learning section, the trainee must sit and pass an exam.

MoreSteam e-Learning video

Complementary to the e-learning sections, classroom sessions allow trainees to experience the acquired principles through interactive games. In addition, they allow for the revision of topics that require clarification according to the e-learning results. These hands-on sessions improve the learning experience and provide a practical toolkit for real projects.

During individual coaching sessions, the trainee is supported in translating the knowledge gained from the e-learning and classroom sessions into improvement projects. During these sessions, we follow up on project progress, address difficulties, tackle questions on content and LSS methodology and review the results per phase.

After sitting a theoretical exam, candidates submit a project case that meets pre-defined quality parameters on confirmed results, project methodology and the correct use of tools. The certification board of PwC, consisting of black belts (BB) or master black belts (MBB), evaluates the candidate's project and theoretical knowledge and determines the certification result. The candidate is then awarded a PwC green or black belt certificate.


How Aliaxis used the blended learning approach to facilitate sharing in the organisation and drive a cross site EMEA CI programme.

Even though we are the global leader in advanced piping systems, until recently we did not have a real Continuous Improvement (CI) culture in place. That is why we asked PwC to support us in upskilling our workforce across 14 plants in Europe with the aim of setting up a true CI community. 




The partnership with PwC has been successful because of the blended learning approach, their local presence and the value delivered.

  • Each element of blended learning contributes to its success: the flexibility of e-learning in terms of timing and language, the classroom sessions with hands-on simulations that create a real awareness of LSS and finally the coaching to help us apply the knowledge in real situations 
  • The presence of PwC LSS experts at our sites across Europe allowed the roll-out of a standardised training programme. This has given us a common knowledge base and enables us to exchange best practices more easily. 
  • Through the programme, our people are learning about LSS and improving their capabilities, which we expect to result in a minimum annual saving of 2% in fixed costs. With over 100 projects in the pipeline related to the training programme we are confident of reaching that goal.
Arvesta’s green belt blended learning programme pays off with real impact

As a company that has been in the field for over 120 years, we have a lot of knowledge and an experienced workforce. However, we were lacking a standard way of working and were looking to implement an Arvesta way of working. Our goal was to build a data driven, performance oriented culture, and the PwC green belt blended learning programme was the perfect match to support this ambition.

-Karin van Roy, Chief HR Officer




The programme has been a success in several ways: 

  • The flexibility ensures that participants can learn at their own pace while being supported by experienced coaches to reach targets on the selected projects. 

  • The project and coaching aspect of the blended learning translates into immediate application of LSS and the DMAIC framework. Consequently, participants can witness the value these LSS projects bring. This has been important, because we no longer have to push our employees to gain LSS certification as they themselves are now putting themselves forward. 

  • As a result of the green belt programme, people are using the same language and engaging in fact based discussions. Consequently, we are now chasing the right things and making a real impact!

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