Equazion® Solutions

Customer analytics that enable profitable growth

Equazion® Solutions is much more than just a data visualisation tool. It is an integrated methodology based on 20 years of advisory and data gathering experience, with a clear focus on actionable insights & results.

Are you facing one of these challenges?

  • Is maintaining customer satisfaction leading to an ever growing cost to serve?
  • Are your prices under pressure?
  • Is your extensive product assortment blocking growth?
  • Are you facing decreasing profitability levels?


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The key benefits of our solution address these challenges


  1. Fast insights on the profitability of products and customers, with projects running over a few weeks, not several months
  2. Proven results, focusing on top line growth and complexity reduction 
  3. Predefined data analytics bundles/packages based on 20 years of consulting experience – our expertise is embedded in the solution to ensure the right focus from the start
  4. Full flexibility to create additional analysis based on client specific interests and needs  
  5. Use of an intuitive, user-friendly data visualisation platform
  6. Sustainable solutions: business insights supplemented with a fully implemented package to assist our clients in making the right decisions

Client testimonials

"The profitability management methodology and the Equazion® Solutions tool of PwC have enabled our sales organisation to optimise customer offerings and have positively impacted our EBIT by 1.7%."

CFO of an International flooring company(€ +500m turnover)

“By using the Equazion® Solutions tool and methodology, we have successfully optimised our product portfolio.”

Operations director, International dairy producer(€ +10bn turnover)
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