Corporate tax planning

Tax management is a complex and risky undertaking at the best of times, but these days businesses also have to contend with economic uncertainty and ever-growing regulatory oversight.

Making sure that you have the right people in place—and are employing the efficient processes and up-to-date technologies—to effectively manage you tax obligations is not easy, especially if tax management is not core business for your company.

But which systems and procedures should you employ to deal effectively and efficiently with your company’s tax commitments? Where do you begin? Most would say tax reduction. But, while tax reduction is a hot-button issue these days, boards are increasingly aware that it is an area with its own unique demands and risks. What’s more, tax reduction means different things to different people—depending upon their responsibilities within a company; but one thing is certain—done correctly it can relieve the (sometimes) onerous financial burdens that can stymie a company’s development.

However, if you do business in Europe, you also have to adjust to the changes arising from changes in EU law. And these days it seems that a lot of people other than management—shareholders, business analysts, audit committees and other stakeholders—have some sort of stake in EU law-related risks and opportunities, e.g., “Did the company file claims based upon EU law?” “Did it meet all the statutory limitations for filing these?” “Should the company file its tax returns based upon EU law arguments?” Fortunately, at PricewaterhouseCoopers we can help you answer these (and a wide range of other tax-related) questions.

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If this is your situation

  • You need help analysing the impact of developments in EU and US tax policy on your business.
  • You want to exercise greater control over your company’s subsidiary tax compliance affairs.
  • You must eliminate long-standing uncertainties about your company’s tax position and accounting procedures.
  • You would like reliable advice on EU tax opportunities and risk management.
  • You need guidance on how to deal with EU and US tax law issues and how to document the procedures for reporting purposes.
  • You want to know how to safeguard your company's EC Treaty rights.
  • You need help to perform due diligence on both your EU and US tax positions.
  • You require assistance you with your legal actions against the tax authorities.
  • You must organise tailor-made EU and US tax strategy workshops for your company.
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How PwC can help you

At PricewaterhouseCoopers’ (PwC) our tax planning professionals work with economists, auditors, actuaries, change management professionals and other specialists to provide tax solutions to companies like yours. But, wherever you do business we can help you enhance your cash flows; increase your gross tax margins, boost net profits, manage debt, and reduce your tax rates. Whether you are looking for better tax management across a number of territories or with multiple entities in one territory, we have skilled tax teams who can coordinate your multi-country compliance requirements, help you with your year-end tax
accounting and reporting obligations, and assist in corporate tax return preparation. We can also provide tax payment advice, tax compliance time limit monitoring, and tax compliance outsourcing services. And if the focus of your business is international we can help you structure your business in a tax-efficient manner, construct effective cross-border strategies, and manage your global structural tax rate. Working with your people, we can identify tax-efficient holding company locations, provide cross-border financing and treasury solutions, and offer advice on income tax treaties, profit repatriation, and loss utilisation. Let us show you how.

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