Customs & Excise

Which you would rather pay in EU import duties: 13% on the invoiced value or zero?

The global marketplace is shrinking and everyone is now involved in world trade. Making sure you’re importing and exporting smartly and from the right sources can mean big cost savings.

Your challenges

You are:

  • considering supplying your products free domicile to your clients
  • lacking confidence in customs declarations issued by (foreign) third parties, or want to implementinternal control procedures
  • confronted with customs authorities disagreeing on the declared classification or origin of imported or exported products
  • trying to align customs and/or excise compliance with your new business model
  • in need of a customs manager

How PwC can help you

Our network of customs specialists can:

  • advise you on all trade compliance formalities in your customers’ countries
  • design and evaluate internal control procedures on customs and excise compliance
  • defend your interests to customs authorities
  • streamline customs procedures within your new supply chain, ERP or business model
  • optimise customs costs

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