Preparing for an initial public offering (IPO) from a tax perspective

Going public opens your company to additional investment capital, but it also opens you to scrutiny.

Are you able to prove you’re tax compliant across the board? Do you have the processes in place to avoid tax issues that could tarnish your reputation?

Your challenges

Becoming a quoted entity puts your company in the spotlight, exposing a great deal of your information to the public. Not only do you need to be on top of regulatory compliance at all times, but it’s equally important to have procedures in place to avoid tax issues and mitigate risk.

To prove you’re compliant from a tax perspective, you need an effective tax structure with the appropriate strategy for a publicly traded company. Your shareholder and corporate structures also require a similar degree of simplicity and transparency. Is your structure, tax function and tax strategy sustainable and IPO-ready?

How we can help

PwC has a solid reputation and a proven methodology for preparing companies for an IPO. Before you go public, our dedicated M&A Tax specialists will conduct a thorough scan of your tax function, structure and strategy through an IPO tax-readiness assessment.

Based on our results, we’ll provide recommendations on improving your tax control framework and insights into how your internal tax function compares to that of your competitors. We’ll examine your group’s risk profile and tax integrity and advise on improvements.