Simplifying your business

Adding acquisitions to your group’s portfolio can bring new and profitable opportunities, but it can also create administrative and logistical headaches.

When your business becomes so complex and structure-heavy that it starts to erode your margins, it’s time to go back to basics.

Your challenges

Groups of companies often focus on acquisitions for growth. The more you grow, however, the more management time is required. You want the synergies the acquisitions bring - and for which you’ve paid - but you may lack the time or resources for proper integration. As the number of legal entities grows, so does the volume and complexity of your transactions, complicating your tax and accounting processes.

Your structure becomes increasingly complicated, you lose momentum and efficiency and get bogged down in administration and increasing costs. Finally, your results begin to suffer, affecting your bottom line. Is it time to reduce costs by simplifying your business?

Groups of companies often focus on acquisitions for growth

How we can help

We have a proven, effective methodology for corporate simplification. Our M&A Tax team, together with our PwC Deals, HR and Legal teams, look at your business from a top-down perspective to get an overall view of where your complexities lie. Do you need multiple entities, and if so, to what extent? Is it optimal to store your goods across warehouses in different locations? We analyse such factors through modelling and feasibility studies that we do with you via workshops, where we discuss your operational and strategic goals to thoroughly understand where you can adapt your business. 

Once we develop a strategy, we put the implementation plan in place and set milestones. Throughout the process, we work closely with our extensive international Network in valuation, transfer pricing, indirect tax, corporate law, project Management, HR or operational excellence as needed, to meet all your corporate simplification requirements in any country where you do business. 

With our deep experience in restructuring and reorganisation, your simplification will run smoothly, so you can continue to work with minimal interruption while we work to boost your bottom line.