Entering a public-private partnership

Public companies operate in a very different way than private companies, so it’s important to truly understand each other before you seal the deal.

Your challenges

Partnering with a public entity presents excellent business opportunities for your organisation. Before embarking on a public-private partnership (PPP), it’s useful to calculate a comprehensive estimate of your return on investment (ROI), including the consequences from both financial and tax perspectives.

What are the VAT, income and real estate tax implications of the PPP you’re considering? How will you finance the project? Is the interest deductible? How do you structure the PPP setup in the most efficient way?

How we can help

PwC’s multidisciplinary team of tax specialists works closely with you to help structure your PPP. We build and review your financial and tax models to paint a clear picture of the PPP you're about to enter.

Our international Network of experienced tax, legal and deals teams are in place to assist internationally as required with PPPs of all levels of complexity. We have all the resources you require in-house, enabling us to deliver a complete PPP solution, from complexity to execution.