Stay in control of your processes

Process intelligence

Using data to drive operational efficiency.

Are your processes as efficient as they can be, and delivering what you expect?

Whether it’s a procure-to-pay, order-to-cash, insurance claims, bank loan application or other business or IT process, there’s often a gap between how processes are intended to be and how they work in reality.

Identifying, understanding and closing these gaps is imperative to boosting operational effectiveness and efficiency.

Process - expectation vs. reality

A quick and unbiased way to understand and improve processes

By delivering an objective and complete picture of your processes based on all transactional data, we provide transparency of processes and volumes, and can assess compliance with controls. Using advanced tools and technologies, we can quickly drill down into all key process areas for which data is available.

We analyse processes from all possible perspectives to offer insight into root causes of issues and bottlenecks. We can also evaluate throughput and lead times.

Discover why streamlining processes is crucial to enhancing productivity and assuring sustainable growth.

Specific use cases

Shared services centre

With process intelligence, we can help you establish a shared services centre (SSC) incorporating optimal processes for efficiency and cost containment, or assess an existing SSC to make it more efficient and identify areas for cost cutting and automation (e.g. robotic process automation or RPA).


We can focus analysis on specific processes, such as payment processes, to identify potential areas for fraud, where there are often late or duplicate payments that result in unnecessary costs, where discounts have been lost, etc. and translate results into financial gain for your organisation.


Within the context of audits, we can help validate controls to decrease risk and identify potential areas of opportunity, we can help you better visualise processes to verify that procedures are being followed, incompatible duties are segregated and access rights are enforced.


Continuous monitoring – of processes or groups of people – helps you not just alleviate current concerns, but using root cause analysis helps predict future incidents and prevent issues. You can also use process intelligence to benchmark groups, teams and/or entities across countries.

Overview processes for intelligence

A full spectrum of services using the most advanced tools

We offer end-to-end process intelligence services, from helping you build the business case to identifying areas for improvement and putting those improvements in place. We’ve worked on numerous projects – giving us vast and varied experience – using the most advanced technologies and tools.

We work with leading technology providers and partners, along with experts from around the world to make sure our solutions remain leading edge. 

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