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Large healthcare projects can prove to be costly, significantly increasing their associated risk. It is therefore important that organisations explore all the available avenues to reduce their exposure. At the same time, for smaller enterprises, it can often prove difficult to access sufficient funding to be able to successfully execute new projects or expansion. In fact, often, funding opportunities – including tax and other incentives - can make the difference between greenlighting or disapproving an initiative.

Such incentives and tax breaks do exist, at European, national, regional and local levels. Identifying them, however – not to mention accessing them – can prove challenging. They can lie in areas and business functions that may appear tangential to the projects under consideration, often existing in unexpected geographical locations and, as a rule, require engaging with previously unknown stakeholders. 

The Health Industry Tax and Incentives team at PwC Belgium is part of the global PwC Incentives Group, covering our entire network, giving us global oversight of what exists and where. This means that we can help you map and identify those incentives that are most relevant to you, irrespective of geographical location. In addition, we can provide you with the local expertise and knowledge you will need to ensure you can successfully access them. 


Our Areas of Expertise

Our established network of professionals across the world delivers analyses that can help mitigate your exposure to risk and reduce your tax burden. They will identify and develop critical, strategic initiatives on your behalf, and support the implementation, through documentation, of the key aspects of various relief, corporate tax and cash incentives. Our expertise includes:

  • Capital Investment Incentives
  • Cash Grant Openings
  • State Aid
  • R&D Tax Incentives
  • Transfer Pricing
  • Intellectual Property Planning
  • Digitalisation
  • R&D Strategy Planning
  • R&D Operational Effectiveness

The global nature of the PwC Incentives Group means it can quickly and easily access localised expertise as and when required. Reach of this type is invaluable as incentives vary from country to country, and businesses need advisers with experience of the various incentives that lie along all stages of the innovation value chain and in all relevant locations.





How we can help you

The PwC team does much more than help you with applications. We guide you through the maze of available grants and incentives, helping you identify which of the financing opportunities have the greatest potential for you. Once identified, we manage the process for you from start to finish. We will ensure your application is prepared to the highest possible standards, that it is complete with all required documents and information to ensure you meet the necessary conditions and follow up with the relevant bodies to ensure progress. 

As well as regional incentives, there are numerous grants available on a European level via initiatives such as Horizon Europe or the EU Innovation Fund. Importantly, where the available incentives require you to be part of a consortium to qualify, we know how to help you build this and in a way that meets the obligations of any incentive. We can also manage such project consortiums – including governance, finance and communication – on your behalf.

Furthermore, we will coordinate all of this through a single point of contact within PwC Belgium. And if we need to access the resources or expertise from another PwC location for your specific circumstances, we will do so seamlessly on your behalf.

Over the longer term, we will help you develop an incentives framework for your organisation, ensuring that you keep abreast of any relevant emerging opportunities.

How we operate

The first step is to find out more about your operations, needs and expectations. We will send you a questionnaire to allow us to develop some initial thoughts. We will then follow this up with an initial meeting to explore any potential opportunities. 

Following this meeting, we can undertake a more in-depth exploration and develop a proposal for where we will be able to help you. The terms of our proposal will be tailored to your specific situation and circumstances to ensure that you have the opportunity to benefit from our expertise. 

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