RoboVAT 2.0

The software bot that automatically validates value added tax (VAT) identification numbers and provides suggestions for those that are invalid, all using cloud computing technology.

Your challenges

In the current climate of increasing reporting and compliance requirements, companies that perform taxable transactions must be able to demonstrate a high level of control on their tax-related data.

Do you deal with multiple customers, co-contractors and suppliers on a pan-European level? Report EU sales and purchases for VAT to several European customers and suppliers? Operate a shared service centre to fulfil VAT obligations on a central level? Or are you simply looking to improve your master data management?

If so, then you need the right tools in place to assure the accurate and systematic treatment of your tax data.

How we can help

Streamline your VAT processes and improve control of your data with RoboVAT 2.0, PwC’s user-friendly cloud computing solution. Our bespoke secure and privacy-compliant tool can bring measurable cost savings and time gains via automation.

RoboVAT 1.0 will help your organisation comply with the 2020 quick fixes to the EU VAT system introduced by the European Council, namely to have valid EU VAT ID numbers on invoices to apply the EU VAT exemption for cross-border supplies.

In case of an invalid VAT ID number, RovoVAT 2.0 provides a suggestion to correct the invalid VAT ID number of your business partner.

RoboVAT: automating VAT tasks

Uploading VAT ID numbers

RoboVAT uploads VAT ID numbers based on a fixed template on a Google Cloud and performs an automated pre-check of the VAT ID number format.

Verifying VAT ID numbers

RoboVAT 2.0 verifies the VAT ID numbers (master or transactional data) of customers and/or suppliers. These are pre-validated by the Google Cloud via a call-out to the VAT Information Exchange System (VIES) website of the European Commission. In case of an invalid VAT ID number, RoboVAT 2.0 provides a suggestion to correct the invalid VAT ID number of your business partner.

Creating reports

The tool creates summary and full Microsoft Excel file reports that provide the results of the VAT ID numbers check (valid, invalid and errors), the suggested changes to the data, and sends an email notification on the status of the report to a designated recipient. The results include a reference to the VIES Request Identifier which functions as a unique time stamp indicating the exact timing of the check performed.

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