Why choose us?

A multidisciplinary approach

Our legal teams combine their expertise with other lines of service including tax, finance and advisory to provide creative solutions and respond quickly and efficiently to your needs.

Industry-specific knowledge

We are part of a consulting organisation that invests a lot into sharing industry-specific knowledge.Thanks to our integrated way of working, we as PwC lawyers have access an enormous knowledge and networking pool, which we use to find the answers you are looking for. Our global network of experts gives us advantages over classical law firms in the way we work and in the broad range of services we can provide.

An international network

The PwC Legal network is spread across more than 75 countries, and it is still growing. Managing cross-border legal projects is one of our areas of expertise – and it sets us apart from our competitors. We have the infrastructure to build teams in new territories faster than any big business law firm.

 And because it’s all one network, you will receive uniform reports prepared according to PwC’s strict brand and quality standards.

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Partner, PwC Belgium

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