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Current and future healthcare approaches are diverging, a process only likely to accelerate. In part, this is reactive; increasing costs and the chronic disease burden of an ageing population is an unsustainable burden on healthcare systems. Change is both inevitable and essential; there is now a growing focus on health and wellbeing rather than treatment, with the patient journey and experience at the centre. 

Policymakers and payers are looking to the digital revolution to drive this change, reducing costs and improving patient quality of life through, for example, home care and remote monitoring. Importantly, they are looking to the healthcare industry – pharmaceutical companies, device manufacturers, technology companies – to make this change a reality. 

At the same time, industry itself is also looking to digital and data-enabled processes, internally, to help streamline operations, accelerate existing processes and reduce costs. Externally, to launch digital-based services for customers and patients. 

Some companies have already entered this space; others are considering how best to approach it. However, all have to determine the ’where, how and when’ to best suit their business and their areas of expertise.

Wherever your organisation currently stands, the Digital | Data | R&D team in PwC can provide you with the strategic insights and excellence you need to define the best approaches for both internal and external operations. In all business functions and disease areas, we can help you use digital- and data-enabled processes to function more effectively.

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Implementing automated processes

Many R&D operations can be streamlined via automated platforms, such as sample storage and routine assays. This optimises procedures, thus improving performance and efficiency and helping accelerate R&D processes.

PwC can help you determine where best to target these changes for maximum benefit.

Building partnerships

While patient services are increasingly in demand, ensuring they are effective and reliable can be a challenge. This often requires identifying technology partners and working with hospitals and patient organisations to ensure added value for all involved. 

PwC has a network that extends throughout these stakeholders and can help you identify potential partners. We can stress-test your plans to ensure they are robust. In addition, if you want to make things happen quickly, we have the reach and manpower to help you ramp up quickly.

Process optimisation for advanced therapies manufacturing

The increasingly widespread use of cell and gene therapies are placing highly specific demands on manufacturing processes and supply chains. For research-based companies wishing to operate in this space, effective solutions are essential.

PwC will help you define, refine and operationalise the required processes to meet these requirements.

Project and Portfolio Management

The key to success in project and portfolio management is to ensure the portfolio remains aligned with existing overall organisational goals and the projects run smoothly and remain complaint. 

PwC can help you both define the correct strategy and assist you in implementing, executing and monitoring project performance and compliance. PwC has an excellent pool of Subject Matter Experts and Project Managers to provide tailored support at project and portfolio level. 

Digital and Virtual health

There is an increasing focus and shift to more patient-centred solutions, such as homecare and remote monitoring. This requires healthcare providers, payers, the pharmaceutical industry and others in the healthcare ecosystem to rethink their business model from an outcome, organisation and ecosystem perspective. To provide the best possible solutions for patients, ecosystem partners need to work together, driven by digital technology. 

PwC will be your partner in assessing, developing and launching digital and virtual patient solutions. By combining our expertise in healthcare, technological skills and patient-centric approaches, we help you to help patients and their caregivers.

Use Cases and Case Studies

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All our Services and Solutions

Our services and solutions cover the entire product lifecycle, including:

  • Ecosystem mappings and insights for advanced therapies and digital health solutions

  • Project and portfolio management across the value chain

  • Strategic advice and strategy development at ecosystem, organisational and asset level

  • Digital R&D solutions, including digital twins, innovative trial design and decentralised trials

  • Operational excellence through benchmarking, maturity assessments and solution development and deployment

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Predicting the Future of Healthcare

PwC prides itself on its ability to detect future trends – we fully understand the current drivers in healthcare, and are confident of the direction of travel for the sector. This is why we are fully behind digital-enabled and integrated solutions. 

You can read our thought leadership contributions here:

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