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Greenomy is a sustainability reporting solution powered by AI that helps corporates, credit institutions and asset managers to streamline the collection, sharing, and analysis of ESG data. 

Measure, disclose and improve your sustainability with Greenomy’s cloud based platform for CSRD, EU Taxonomy, SFDR, EET and all future emerging ESG Standards. 

What's in it for you ? 

  • Manage and automate your CSRD reporting in compliance with European Sustainability Reporting Standards (ESRS). 

  • Ease and streamline your entire EU Taxonomy screening through the automatic tracking, dashboarding and production of your EU Taxonomy compliant reports. 

  • Efficiently monitor and automate ESG data collection from source to reporting based on the requirements that matter for your organization and updates on legislative changes. 

  • Automate data sharing across your organization and optimize the workflow by enabling streamlined team collaboration.

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APTUS.AI is a SaaS platform designed to optimize financial compliance and help financial institutions to make faster, more accurate compliance decisions.

Their AI solution called “Daitomic” automates the collection of regulatory updates, improves compliance workflows and assists users in predicting regulations impact on business.

What's in it for you ? 

  • Real-time collection of all regulatory updates coming from the most important regulatory authorities across the world. 

  • Transforms regulation data into machine-readable documents,  extracting the right information to deeply understand the content of each document and make the appropriate legal decision.

  • Innovative Generative AI tool that lets you analyse every legal document available in the platform using the chat, thereby simplifying regulatory comprehension. 

  • Fasten regulatory analysis & comprehension and anticipating business opportunity behind regulatory developments. 

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YUKKA Lab is a News AI provider that turns unstructured news data into easy to understand and actionable insights for the financial markets. 

By analysing news articles from licensed and public news sources in real-time, YUKKA Lab helps in ESG scoring, risk management and investment decisions, enabling news based predictions by translating the news into structured data points, scores and signals. 

What's in it for you ? 

  • New analytics: Interprets the increasing flood of financial news, finding the most important information and providing neutral trend analyses fully automated and in real-time.

  • Time saving: Saves time and provides efficient overviews. Be the first to know the relevant sentiments. Visualized in an intuitive cockpit-style interface and right at your fingertips.

  • Actionable insights: Increase your performance with a solution that offers the most comprehensive and reliable indicators of market sentiment, events and trend shifts.

  • Newest technology: Smart, fast and self-learning: State-of-the-art NLP, machine & deep learning combined with data mining. Augmented Language Intelligence at its best.

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Frigg is an awarded Swiss-based B2B SaaS marketplace that connects developers of sustainable infrastructure projects with institutional investors directly. 

Developers issue regulatory compliant securities, through tokenization, and investors are supported by AI for their DD-process and IoT for real-time financial and environmental performance monitoring.

What's in it for you ? 

  • Climate infrastructure is underfunded and today's financial system constrains the sustainable finance workflow. Frigg seizes the opportunity and streamlines the sustainable finance workflow, from origination, securitization, financing to post-financing monitoring and follow-up.

  • Frigg provides a complete system to review, underwrite, monitor, and manage securities tied to non-listed sustainable projects through a digital platform, truly enabling sustainable investing. 

  • Frigg can help improve liquidity, transparency, and ability to fractionalize/syndicate of private market deals for financial intermediaries by leveraging decentralized finance (DeFi), thereby providing access to a broader spectrum of potential investors.

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Qvonto offers a cloud solution for automated production of high quality regulatory ESG documents for banks, asset managers, fund administrators and financial services providers. With Qvonto, companies will secure compliance and remove 90% of manual reporting tasks, enabled by machine learning algorithms and generative AI models.  

What's in it for you ? 

  • Automate ESG report production, such as SFDR, PAI, EET and PRIIPs KIDs and secure consistency across languages and templates. Integrated portfolio ESG impact metrics based on fund holdings.

  • Full overview and monitoring of all regulatory documents, integrated analytics, automated translation to all languages, data and consistency checks with AI and automated dissemination. 

  • Banks and asset managers will get the most cost efficient document production. Fund administrators and financial service providers can serve clients and remove 90% of manual reporting tasks. 

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OnlyOne is a SaaS platform offering banks the opportunity to empower their clients through understanding their carbon footprint impact and take action to mitigate it. The software also enables banks to invest in financial products that serves the climate, biodiversity and society and therefore create a more sustainable, responsible and inclusive financial model. 

What's in it for you ?

  • Offers an eco-friendly account to users that enables them to evaluate their consumption before or after a purchase.

  • Enables the users to measure and monitor the carbon footprint of their consumption with concrete indicators. Tailor-made advice and insights from an eco-coach, guiding them towards more sustainable habits.

  • Encourages users to diversify their savings in favor of the ecological transition through investments in ethical and responsible projects. 

  • Carbon footprint measurement enable banks to better identify customers potentially interested in their sustainable products and services.

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ESG360° is a SaaS platform that helps financial institutions, and large companies to comply with regulations and mitigate ESG risks across their value chains. 

From collecting scope 3 primary data through the platform and automating reports, all the way to understanding the financial impact of Net Zero decisions across the value chain, ESG360° help their clients to become autonomous in data collection and in strategic decision making on ESG.

What's in it for you ? 

  • Scope 3 Automation: Automate the collection of primary scope 3 data directly from your suppliers

  • Cross-Team Collaboration: Engage all relevant teams in your organisation into a collaborative ESG process 

  • Align with Standards: Automate your reporting in line with TCFD, ISSB, TNFD, ISSB, SBTi, GHG Protocol, CDP

  • ESG Risk Management: Quantify the impact of your ESG transition and physical risks

  • Strategic planning: Leverage the scenario planning module to analyse the impact of potential Net Zero paths

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Aisot Technologies is a SaaS platform that helps asset managers to personalize and automatically adapt investment strategies and portfolios to market conditions in real-time. 

The no-code platform leverages AI research to generate portfolios across equity and crypto markets  that reflect customer preferences and align their investments with sustainability goals. 

What's in it for you ? 

  • Turn vast amount of relevant data, including market data (stocks, indices), alternative data (social media, blog posts) and macroeconomic data into meaningful insights and forward-thinking perspectives.  

  • ESG features are integrated into the platform, allowing ESG-driven portfolio optimization, truly enabling sustainable investing at scale. 

  • Generate portfolios that can not only reflect customer preferences in stock and cryptocurrency markets at any given time but also optimize investment decisions through AI and issue them as fully automated financial products.

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Testimonials from our Scale Programme particpants

"When Greenomy joined the PwC Scale Programme, our objectives were clear: gain deeper insights into scaling up, learn from experts, and build valuable connections. The programme delivered on all these fronts, exceeding our expectations.

The learning sessions were the core of our experience. They covered everything crucial for our growth - go-to-market strategies, pricing, and pitching best practices. They were interactive sessions where we could dive deep into subjects that matter most to us. 

What set this programme apart was the access to PwC’s network. We didn’t just learn; we connected. We engaged with PwC leaders across Europe. The pitching and networking opportunity was a highlight. Presenting Greenomy to PwC’s clients wasn’t just a chance to showcase our work; it was an opportunity to engage with potential partners and clients. 

In summary, the PwC Scale Programme was a valuable step in our journey. For any startup for scale up, seeking expert insights, and wanting to connect with industry leaders and potential clients, this programme is a powerful platform."

Constance d'Aspremont - CBDO Greenomy

“We were thrilled be selected for the esteemed PwC Scale | Sustainable Finance Programme. Sustainability is a top priority for most financial institutions, and also where some of the largest challenges occur to live up to fast evolving regulatory requirements and at the same time drive a successful transformation to a more sustainable business.”

Accelerating on our ambition to become a true European player, the Scale Programme allowed us to tap into PwC's vast knowledge of EU regulations and requirements, and supported us in developing a strong foundation and go-to-market strategy.

A standout moment of the programme was the Innovation Day held at PwC's offices in Brussels. This event provided us with a unique opportunity to connect and network with PwC clients and partners from the financial industry. It not only strengthened our relationship to PwC and other technology companies involved in the programme but also opened doors to exciting new business opportunities.

Above all, the PwC Scale Programme has given us the chance to work closely with PwC and their clients, enabling us to provide the best and most comprehensive client offering. We are grateful for this opportunity and look forward to continuing our collaboration with PwC to drive innovation and create outstanding value for clients in the financial industry.”

Christian W. Lysholm - Managing Partner, Qvonto

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Griet Helsen

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Elise Carton

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