AI in business

Artificial Intelligence isn't just a set of tools. AI heralds a new era. From automation to augmentation and beyond, AI reshapes the very fabric of our world. Embrace the AI evolution, profound changes are underway

Big opportunities and manageable risks

$15.7 trillion — that’s the global economic growth that AI will provide by 2030, according to PwC research. Who will get the biggest share of this prize? Those who take the lead now.

AI is automating tasks that require human cognition such as fraud detection, risk assessment and providing insights and complex analysis from vast datasets. It’s augmenting human decisions on everything from capital project oversight to workforce retention and go-to-market strategies for new products. 

Researchers and entrepreneurs around the world are striving for autonomous AI that improves productivity at work and doesn’t require human intervention for highly complex decisions.That means new business models emerging in sectors like financial services, healthcare, energy and mining, industrial products, or media and entertainment.

There are risks, but we know how to manage them. Build confidence in your AI reporting through assurance. Audit algorithm outputs for accuracy. Integrate cybersecurity. Ensure human control of sensitive processes. Adopt responsible AI that benefits society. 

Regardless of the level of AI maturity within the company, we’ve the expertise and approach to help assess or implement AI systems and our Responsible AI (RAI) framework helps you manage the risks you may encounter. 

With AI pilots and projects going live all over the globe and new use cases added daily, at PwC we’re already ahead of the curve, helping clients navigate the new world of AI safely and strategically.

Accelerate AI within your business

Find the AI opportunities with the highest ROI. Test concepts thoroughly for rapid adoption. Deliver innovative solutions at scale. We’re here to assist leaders looking to embed AI into their strategies for long-term success

Our PwC AI specialists can: 

  • Align AI strategy with business and organisational strategies

  • Develop enterprise-wide AI capabilities

  • Build a structured framework of responsible AI proficiency

  • Establish AI-related governance for security and risk mitigation
  • Get your data and tech ready for GenAI
  • Create a culture ready to embrace GenAI

We're here to help you use AI to take your business to the next level.

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How can organisations reshape business strategies with AI?

AI is ready right now to boost productivity and decision making. Use cases are multiplying, but strategy will determine the long-term winners.

Get ahead with AI

How can businesses use AI effectively and safely?

While AI is creating big opportunities for businesses,companies must ensure critical decisions are being made responsibly while maintaining trust and transparency for all stakeholders. 

Responsible AI for Business

How can businesses build trust into their AI solutions?

Are you, and your stakeholders, ready to put your faith in AI? Watch our webinar ‘How to build trust in your AI solutions: practical guidelines for beginners and experts’ now.

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AI at work - where is your organisation at?

Getting started on this transformative journey with AI needs first to determine the maturity level and progress each business has when it comes to technology and AI.

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