What is the AI maturity level of your business?

Whatever your maturity level, we take you one step further

Whether you're just starting out or getting ready to scale, responsible AI can help. Drawing on our expertise in AI innovation and deep global business knowledge, we'll evaluate your end-to-end needs, and design a solution to help you address your unique risks and challenges.


You are not yet using AI and you want it to be responsible  from the very beginning.
  • What is the role AI will play  in your organisation?
  • Are your employees equipped with the skills to create reliable AI?
  • Do you build or buy?

You have started to use AI as proof-of-concepts and you want responsible AI models in production.
  • Does your AI strategy align with your organization's values?
  • Do you have a clear delineation of roles & responsibilities?
  • How do you maintain your AI systems?

You are using AI in a day-to-day basis in production and want to assess the responsible side of it.
  • How do you consider the impending regulations surrounding your AI?
  • How can you build better AI?
  • Is your AI fair? Secure? Robust?

You are using AI in a daily basis and are facing some performance issues related to lack of transparency, biased model.
  • Are you applying AI and data best practises?
  • Is your AI performing as expected?

Responsible AI is important at every maturity level

Responsible AI is of utmost importance for companies of all sizes, regardless of the complexity of their AI systems. It is recommended that businesses just beginning to develop AI algorithms incorporate responsible practices into their systems, processes, and corporate culture from the start. This is because it is often easier to address issues such as security, compliance, and bias in the early stages of production, rather than when the system is already established and running. It’s advisable to begin integrating responsible practices into your organisation now. By  doing so, you can ensure that the AI you are developing is effective, ethical and responsible. 

By improving your models' transparency and explainability you can make more informed business decisions with trust and become more competitive in the market. This approach can also help you to foster better relationships with stakeholders, build customer trust, attract and retain talent, comply with regulations, manage risks more effectively, and boost revenue.

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