Real business impact through practical Internet of Things (IoT) applications

Digital connectivity, centralised communication, employee safety and environmentally sound manufacturing are key priorities in industry today. These opportunities can be leveraged to have real business impact in your manufacturing sites, through practical IoT applications and maximising the potential of your data.

How do you leverage IoT technology?

Industrial manufacturing is becoming more challenging every day, due to increasingly high expectations of personalisation and flexibility from customers. This trend, enabled by digitisation and by the increased reliance on technology in every aspect of our lives, will shape how we produce goods in the years to come. Controlling every aspect of production by getting the right data, from the right place, at the right time, will make or break the leaders of tomorrow. The Internet of Things (IoT) can help you get that insight today, at a minimal cost and without requiring a major overhaul of your infrastructure.

Putting IoT into practice with PwC

Our years of operations experience enable us to guide companies in their IoT journey from strategy through execution for maximum business impact.




Wherever you are on your IoT journey, from ideation to actual implementation, we can support you.

  • Ideation and digital vision definition to reach your business objectives

  • Support in finding vendors meeting your needs

  • Support in the implementation of the desired solution through change management and the integration of the technology into your daily operations.

  • We ensure you reach your business objectives using IoT technologies e.g. overall equipment effectiveness (OEE) increase, decreased energy consumptions, improved quality, reduction in the number of breakdowns

  • You get access to new operational data which will help you make the right decisions and find the root causes of your issues

  • We ensure that technology is part of daily operations and can sustainably bring performance improvements

  • We secure adoption by puting the users at the centre of the change management process and involving them from ideation to implementation.


PwC combines expertise in three fields:

  • Operational improvement methodologies such as lean six sigma, continuous improvement and operational excellence. For more information, please check our lean six sigma page

  • Industry 4.0 technologies: IoT, advanced analytics

  • User experience (UX) centric approach


Typical applications

Be inspired by typical applications from our ecosystem of solutions which can assist you in achieving your performance goals. 

Plug and play solution that can be set up in minutes, giving you clear insights on your process performance.

Connect your workforce through technology across different applications and boost your performance.

Predict and prevent failure and/or breakdown to increase equipment availability and reduce maintenance costs.

Boost your throughput by providing operators with the best setpoints for a given product and external factors.

Lift transparency, accountability and efficiency of supply chains in manufacturing via track&trace solutions.

Reduce your energy costs by Identifying energy leaks and worn out equipment.

Create safer, more secure, compliant and faster transport flows for your shipments by using a real-time logger

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