On 19 September 2023, we held our PwC Annual Executive Healthcare Summit gathering an impressive lineup of experts in the healthcare sector to chart the path forward for conducting valuable healthcare. In line with this year’s theme of ‘Healthcare 2030’, major industry players and leaders from patients, pharma, biotech, hospital, government, health insurance and digital health sat down at PwC Campus in Brussels to discuss and debate critical challenges concerning healthcare with a view on sustainable long term goals to add true value for patients. Our Vice Prime Minister & Minister of Social Affairs and Health, Frank Vandenbroucke, expressed his insights and reinforced the importance of the following issues: making top-quality care accessible, leading the shift from care to prevention, integrating closer cooperation in sharing data and driving organisational reform to our healthcare workforce.

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Our speakers & experts

See what our speakers & experts have to say about Healthcare 2030.

Vice Prime Minister & Minister of Social Affairs and Health


Associate Professor and Chair of AI & Digital Medicine, UMONS

Director, Pharma Life Science, PwC Strategy& Switzerland

Director General of GIBBIS

CEO at flanders.bio

Chair EUPATI Belgium

CEO at Pharma.be

PwC Senior Advisor Hospital & Healthcare

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Sustaining long term goals, aligning interests are vital for Healthcare 2030 to succeed

Our key speakers and panelists raised several pressing issues like preventive healthcare, reimbursement reforms, the evolving complexity of treatments and patient care as well as the growing influence of AI and data sharing for cross collaboration. The summit was a constructive and compelling call for genuine and open collaboration across diverse segments of the healthcare ecosystem.

This executive healthcare dialogue highlighted the power of unity and shared vision. It's clear to all that an efficient and patient-centric healthcare system will be achieved once the various players co-create together focusing on the same patient value target. The new healthcare ecosystem will be consolidated by reinforcing trust, collaboration and partnering to achieve a healthy Healthcare 2030. 


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What's your vision for Healthcare 2030?

We ask Caroline Ven, CEO of Pharma.be and Mitchell Silva, Chair of EUPATI Belgium what they hope to see being done for a healthier Belgium by 2030.

What are the key factors in driving a positive patient value in Healthcare 2030?

From personalised healthcare to innovation, Marie-José Borst, General Manager BeLux, of Roche Pharmaceuticals, shares what factors can drive us towards a healthier Belgium by 2030.

What will be the big changes needed to reach a successful Healthcare 2030?

Aside from investing in a robust database system that provides one patient file for all healthcare providers, Anne-Sophie Aernouts, Public Affairs & Market Access Director for GSK, elaborates on the big changes needed to prepare for our ageing population. 

What major challenges must we overcome for a successful Healthcare 2030?

From increasing the current spend on preventive care to lessons learnt for building a better ecosystem for cures and considering how we access novel medicines, our esteemed trio of experts, Pedro Facon, Deputy CEO, RIZIV-INAMI, An Van Gerven, Country General Manager for Pfizer, and Gordon Topping, Head of R&D Program and Project Management, UCB, elaborate on the crucial issues faced and what needs to be done for Belgium to strengthen our healthcare system.

What qualities must Belgium have for a successful Healthcare 2030?

Two experts – Wouter Piepers who is CEO of flanders.bio together with Giovanni Briganti, MD, PhD, Associate Professor and Chair of Artificial Intelligence and Digital Medicine at University of Mons, Belgium, share their views on what has helped take healthcare in Belgium to where it is today, and what’s needed to ensure Belgium stay on track for Healthcare 2030.

Find out what key stakeholders and experts say about the future of Belgian healthcare system

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