Supply Chain, Operations and Quality

Maximising the reliability and efficiency of the supply chain is key for effective business operations.

At PwC, we have bespoke solutions for business transformation, operational readiness, digitalisation and ESG.

Recent global events have created unforeseen challenges, shining a spotlight on potential fragilities, weak links, bottlenecks and supply issues. At PwC, we can help you identify and overcome these threats.

At the same time, however, the supply chain – particularly in the health industries – means more than reliability and security; it is an opportunity for growth. Manufacturers may wish to develop their own clinical supply chain for treatments requiring special handling, such as biopharmaceuticals, gene therapies or vaccines. They may seek to establish their own, fully commercial supply chain. At PwC, we can help you identify and plot a growth path for your supply chain and operations that maximises the advantage of your areas of expertise.

Re-evaluating Supply Chain Approaches 

For many companies, these latest evolutions – as well as the crises provoked by COVID-19 and the introduction of protective legislation such as the US Defense Production Act secure raw materials - has highlighted a need to review how best to ensure future supply chain security. 

Some have sought to bring several aspects of their supply sources closer to home, theoretically increasing control over them. Others have looked to outsource logistics to specialist contractors, in part or in their entirety. 

However, there is no ‘one-size-fits-all’ approach; each company needs a solution tailored to its current – and future – requirements.

covid supply
covid supply chain digitisation

Digitising the Supply Chain 

Many sectors – led by logistics providers – have recognised the value of digitising supply chain operations. If designed and executed correctly, the potential benefits are significant; not simply to know the status of shipments, but in the ability to link key information - such as batch records or production dates – to existing systems.

Pharmaceutical manufacturers, to varying degrees, are embracing this digital approach. However, maximising the value of digitalisation – making it driven by its benefits rather than its features – takes time and planning.

We understand how to extract the maximum effectiveness and benefits of digitalisation for your operations; where to start, and which approach will deliver long-term benefits, not simply the easy wins and the ‘low-hanging fruit’. 





A focus on Quality

Quality Assurance and Control are crucial parts of pharmaceutical value chains, ensuring the safety, efficacy and reliability of healthcare products and services. Maintaining consistent quality standards in a rapidly changing environment, while traversing periods of uncertainty, requires a proactive, expert approach. At PwC, our team is made up of certified quality professionals and industry experts in planning, manufacturing, logistics and procurement, capable of developing proven solutions that help our clients navigate the healthcare landscape and achieve the highest standards of care for patients.

covid supply chain digitisation
covid supply chain digitisation

From Theory to Practical Implementation 

The Supply Chain and Operations team at PwC can make this a reality. Whether taking it from theory to practical implementation, an end-to-end design to deployment or advice on specific details or aspects, we can help you identify the best solution.

Importantly, we also recognise that digitalisation is not a panacea; we know where it works and equally where it currently doesn’t. We will advise you on where to apply your focus and resources and create an actionable digital strategy for you.

Future-proof your operations for better competitiveness

In an increasingly complex environment, Pharma and Life Sciences companies face numerous challenges. Advanced planning techniques are fundamental to balance supply and demand, but it is just as crucial to have a clear Manufacturing Strategy focusing on operational excellence and lean processes.

Another important aspect is building robust procurement capabilities. Warehousing and transportation must be qualitative, traceable, sustainable, cost efficient and flexible.

PwC’s subject matter experts are there to support you across the Operations Value Chain, to achieve sustainable benefits and make your organisation future-proof.

Supply chain

Environmental, Social and Governance

Policy – and attitudes – towards ESG concerns are changing. Any digital approach needs to take account of these requirements and of the direction of travel. PwC designs-in ESG form the outset in all its offerings, ensuring compliance from the outset and designed with the future in mind.





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