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Webinar: E-invoicing and e-reporting update

Recording & Presentation

Changes in the regulation of e-invoicing and e-reporting are happening at lightning speed. Tax administrations increasingly look to technology for insights into tax payers and their transactions. This transformation of the tax technology landscape is affecting nearly all businesses, and especially those that are active globally. 

The pace at which new e-invoicing and e-reporting obligations are being implemented in many countries is driving the need for an appropriate tax and IT strategy. A proactive and centralised approach is recommended more than ever. 

We'll also take a deep dive into the Electronic Compliance Radar (eCR), a technology powered approach to help businesses identify the impact of current and future e-invoicing & e-reporting obligations.

Rewatch the full webinar recording of Tuesday, 24 May 2022 and get access to the full presentation. 

Topics covered:


*This session is eligible for ITAA certification (Belgium).


Ellen Cortvriend

Director, PwC Belgium

Sven Geenens

Manager, PwC Belgium

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