Market Taxation Analyser (MARTA) tool 3.0

Your interactive tool to quantify and visualise the anticipated financial impact of the introduction of a global minimum tax

The introduction of a global minimum tax

The introduction of a global minimum tax in 2024 will have far-reaching effects across many industries. Apart from a potential tax cash impact resulting from additional top-up taxes, this new 15% minimum tax will also require MNEs to  collect a large number of data points and significantly increase the compliance burden.

PwC’s MARTA tool quantifies and visualises the impact of these set of rules on your business in various scenarios. Furthermore, MARTA forms an important step in testing the applicability of the Transitional Safe Harbour and preparing for compliance with the rules. MARTA will indeed indicate which countries are part of the Safe Harbour rules and are initially excluded from the detailed Pillar 2 calculations.

Your challenges with the OECD’s Pillar 1 proposal

PwC’s Market Taxation Analyser (MARTA) tool 3.0

To get clear insights into how this new set of rules may impact your business, PwC has developed the Market Taxation Analyser (MARTA) 3.0. In a user-friendly way, MARTA 3.0 helps you take control of your scenario planning, enables broader stakeholder debate and gives you the insights to assess the appropriate responses to the challenges ahead.