PwC’s Tax Intelligence Community

Tax intelligence community

Welcome to our community of in-house tax professionals. Get direct access to the latest updates and insights on new developments – as they happen – and discuss them with your peers.

The Challenge

Keeping you and your teams on top of European and international legislative tax proposals and policy developments and trends so that you can assess their impact on your business.

Our solution

PwC’s Tax Intelligence Community brings together in-house tax professionals from over 50 international companies to access first-hand information and insights on new developments as they happen, and discuss their impact. Headquartered in Brussels, the pulsating heart of Europe, PwC's Tax Intelligence Community maintains a vigilant watch on international tax developments through a distinctly European perspective. Join us as we navigate the dynamic landscape of taxation, ensuring you stay ahead with timely and valuable knowledge.

What sets us apart can set you apart

Stay informed on topics such as Pillar 1 and Pillar 2, ATAD 3, the policy agenda of the OECD, the European Commission and the UN, and tax transparency initiatives such as Public CbCR.

Community briefing calls will be organised immediately after major tax developments. 

You will get first-hand information on the latest policy developments and what the likely impact is for businesses. Regular updates will be circulated with the latest insights and trends.


Every year we will organise a session with your tax team to assess and connect the developments relevant for your business, allowing your team to discuss specific questions and reflect on potential challenges on those developments that are most relevant to you.

A dedicated community platform allows you to connect with the other community members.

In addition, twice a year we will organise an off-site event with your peers and PwC experts. These sessions will focus on co-learning, exchanging ideas and discussing key developments


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