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AMBIO-N (CircularSource) - the B2B SaaS procurement platform for circular economy purposes, which:

  • Is connecting buyers with accredited suppliers of sustainable and circular materials for their supply-chains.
  • Is improving the traceability and 'sustainable' / 'circular' footprint of the materials to the end-consumer products.

What’s in it for you ? 

  • AMBIO-N (CircularSource) can improve the ESG rating for your supply chain by sourcing low impact material. 

  • AMBIO-N (CircularSource) will save you time and money in searching for suppliers and materials of the highest sustainability footprint. They will connect you with suppliers and buyers across an international community of sustainability advocates. 

  • Sourcing via AMBIO-N (CircularSource) will allow your company to achieve a more responsible supply chain, in more ways than one

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Contec significantly reduces carbon footprint for the manufacturing industry by turning end-of-life tires (ELTs) into valuable and sustainable raw materials through its unique technology. Contec is the only rCB producer in the world using molten salt as a heat transfer medium to ensure unparalleled control of process temperature. Continuous pyrolysis process which is superior to batch processes used by most direct competitors in terms of safety and efficiency. Best-in-class engineering team led by the CEO who have designed and significantly improved the process over the years

What’s in it for you ? 

  • Enabling circular manufacturing

  • Consistently high-quality products from pyrolysis; 

  • Enabling manufacturers to source cleaner and more sustainable product substitutes for various applications;

  • Reduce the carbon footprint up to 80% by switching from vCB to recovered carbon black.

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Gramitherm is producing the most carbon negative insulations panels in the world. The unique Gramitherm® process allows to manufacture insulating boards made with natural grass fibers. Gramitherm is committed to foresee solutions within insulation. This includes amongst others the construction industry and the packaging industry, but they also aim at discovering other industries (such as flooring, automotives industries) where tailormade insulation is requested.

  • 100% Recyclable in new panels;

  • Demonstrate high insulation performance; 

  • Only grass coming from waste streams are used; 

  • Resulting in the most carbon negative insulation panel in the world

What’s in it for you ? 

Gramitherm is a pioneer in offering insulating solutions based on natural grass boards; Making buildings more energy efficient, comfortable and healthy; Providing you with durable products that reduce greenhouse gas emissions

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Hello Houston is a breakthrough solution for companies looking to reduce energy consumption, waste and maintenance costs. It is an all-in-one maintenance platform that: 

  • Simplifies workforce processes; 

  • Detects failures early;

  • Allows more preventive interventions;

  • Maximise asset availability;

  • Minimizes total cost.

What’s in it for you? 

Simple & intuitive: all maintenance options are centralised in a simple and very intuitive solution. 

Mobile: Technicians can access all the information they need where they want, when they need it. 

Collaborative: Collaborate with your team(s) or supplier(s) to solve technical operations in the most efficient and transparent way. 

Data Driven & IOT: Monitor your maintenance activity to have a better understanding of your costs and finally improve your efficiency. 

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Obortech logo

OBORTECH Obortech is building a digital collaboration platform based on blockchain and IoT for the supply chain. It is an easy to participate and simple to use unified communication and data exchange hub. The Marketplace of the ecosystem has a transaction model, where members can participate in various activities such as listing organization or products, tokenized economy for promotional and marketing activities, contract bonuses and project launchpads. A connected ecosystem that simplifies a seamless experience in the supply chain, for everyone, everywhere.

What’s in it for you? 

  • Private Data Ecosystem  

  • Asset tracking

  • One-Stop IoT Solution 

  • Tokenized Economy

  • Social Networking Experience

  • Network Collaboration

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SHIPNEXT provides a shipping platform, which uses AI and algorithms for email processing and big-data analytics, cargo-to-ship matching and dynamic freight search, chartering and trading, and automation of workflows. SHIPNEXT is focusing on providing their solution to a variety of transport and manufacturing companies (within the chemicals, maritime, food & beverage, steel, … industries) as well as companies within the supply chain sector. SHIPNEXT covers all types of trades, regardless of the type, size, packaging or destination of trade, and it is used by traders, shipping companies, carriers, and brokers. 

What’s in it for you ? 


• E-mail and message processing • Data connectivity & management  • Customisation and design • Digitalisation of work-flows 

Trade and connect

• Freight search and matching • Online freight negotiations & trade • Freight tendering and analytics • Digitalisation of work-flows

Manage and track: 

• Contract Management • Cargo tracking • Communication and messaging • Analytics and control

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simreka logo

Simreka provides a scalable AI driven simulation software and data service to reduce time-to-market of new products. That can help to simultaneously work with technical performance, regulatory compliance, life cycle sustainability and cost goals.

What’s in it for you? 

  • Improve efficiency and quality control 

  • Sustainable product development with biobased or recycled materials

  • Reduce testing requirements for new formulations 

  • Find alternative ingredients and test formulation performance 

The solution can be used by, amongst others, chemical, material and pharmaceutical companies, but also by consumer products brands. The technology is mostly used for high quality decision making, mostly in the areas of product development, manufacturing process innovation and optimization and meeting sustainability demands. 

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TreaTech is bringing to market an innovative technology for the valorization of waste. They have developed a process that transforms waste into valuable products such as methane-rich gas and clean water. The implementation of their system at their customer’s sites will allow companies to create a positive impact at a global level on circular economy, energy independence and climate change mitigation.

What's in it for you ? 

  • Achieve your sustainability goals and mitigate climate change 
  • Regain control over your energy supply & cost 
  • Treat your waste faster 
  • Recover and capture CO₂ in the gas produced 
  • Recover > 90% of the water in the waste & > 90% of finite minerals 

⇒ Treatech treats both industrial and municipal waste sustainably and converts it to create a positive impact on circular economy, energy independence and climate change mitigation. Treatech targets chemical companies, manufacturers, pharmaceutical companies, oil & gas companies,..

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The Trilleco software platform helps companies to comply with the EU regulations and achieve their CO2 targets. The IoT platform combines all data and assets from the enterprise environment in a three-dimensional representation and visualizes the data through dashboards. In this way, data transparency can be achieved and GHG Scope 1, 2, 3 can be used for ESG reporting. As the next step, processes can be optimized by solutions to specifically reduce CO2 emissions. 

What’s in it for you ? 

Achieving data transparency: Data lake: real-time data acquisition (IoT), 3D visualizations & dashboards, Usage for ESG, GHG 

● Dashboards  ● Digital twin 

Reduce emission of CO2: Implementation of digital solutions

● Energy management  ● Process optimization

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