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Galenus Health

Scale Life Sciences participant: Galenus Health

Galenus Health is an international organization that enables healthcare networks to ensure timely access to the right treatment for the right patient and hence strives for better quality of life for all patients with chronic diseases, starting with respiratory diseases (allergic rhinitis, chronic sinusitis, asthma). In this context, Galenus Health developed 5 core activities and solutions:

  1. Holistic Digital Disease Management Solution: Patient Application and Physician Dashboard;
  2. Collection of Real World Evidence to conduct Clinical and Cost Research;
  3. Medical Education of Physicians and Patients through E-Learning;
  4. Design and deployment of integrated care pathways;
  5. Digital Patient Awareness Campaigns



Scale Life Sciences participant: Breezo

In order to bring back balance in the indoor air, Breezo developed ultrasonic machinery that produces nano probiotic particles being carried along in air ducts. Their solution, which is a hardware add-on in air ducts, has certain unique characteristics. It's centralised, fully automated, works in a controlled manner and is offered in a full-service model. Also, Breezo's active organisms are airborne which means that they're carried along with the indoor air circulation. 

Whichever surface their organisms land on, also and particularly, in hard-to-reach areas, they start colonizing, not giving other microbes or pathogens any reason to develop successors. The process of outnumbering other organisms is not taking more than 45 minutes. Social competition amongst these microbes is doing the rest.


Scale Life Sciences participant: Doctorsgate

Doctorsgate is a secure messenger specifically developed for healthcare professionals and is used to exchange patient data efficiently via smartphones while simultaneously protecting patient privacy and keeping in mind all necessary requirements by the EU-GDPR.

In a clinical setting this provides physicians and other healthcare professionals with a communication tool to plan, manage and execute the treatment of their patients. In comparison with traditional communication tools like telephones, messaging does not require the immediate physical or mental availability of the communication partners. In addition to this gain in flexibility, the convenience of exchanging multimedia files can drastically increase the quality of clinical decision making, given the major role of visual elements in medical diagnostics and clinical examinations.

GPX Medical

Scale Life Sciences participant: GPX Medical

About 10% of all newborn infants need postnatal care and pulmonary problems are often the primary reason. The lung status is mainly assessed by X-ray imaging and blood sampling, despite the increased risks of long-term complications from ionizing radiation.

GPX Medical develops a medical device for improving the care and life quality of our most vulnerable patients - preterm born infants. NEOLA allows for continuous non-invasive monitoring of lung volume and oxygen content in infants. It is a completely novel product and a breakthrough innovation. Based on an advanced spectroscopic technology for quantifying the presence of gas embedded in tissue, the device detects and warns for possibly life-threatening pulmonary complications.


Scale Life Sciences participant: FibriCheck

Fibricheck - the first product of Qompium - targets the prevention of possibly life-threatening and disabling strokes by enabling early detection of heart rhythm disorders, with a main focus on atrial fibrillation (AFib). Fibricheck makes the detection of heart rhythm disorders possible with just a smartphone or smartwatch using the clinically validated PPG technology. The CE-marked (CE Class IIa) and FDA-cleared (510(k)) application (software as a medical device) turns heart rhythm monitoring into an at-home solution that can be used by anyone at anytime, without the need for extra hardware.

FibriCheck does just inform the user - we offer services and a support network to aid and provide solutions when positive findings occur. As such, FibriCheck is part of an integrated care path.

Pathmate Technologies

Scale Life Sciences participant: Pathmate Technologies

Pathmate tackles the global problem of chronic diseases. They're a team of behavioral psychologists, data scientists, and developers. Pathmate builds digital health coaches that are driven by behavioral knowledge and data to support people with chronic diseases in everyday life. 

The idea behind a digital coach is simple: How would a doctor support me in everyday life? Pathmate's digital coaches are chatbots that are certified as medical products. It markets these infinitely scalable and personalised coaches as a chronic care management solution to healthcare insurances to support people in behaviour changes, improve medical outcomes, and reduce costs.

FOx Biosystems

Scale Life Sciences participant: FOx Biosystems

FOx Biosystems aims to revolutionize the life sciences industry and research market using its real-time, label-free fiber-optic-based surface plasmon resonance biosensor technology. This enables the users (e.g. biopharma companies) to generate high quality biomolecular data such as affinity, kinetic and concentration measurements without sample preparation in high throughput. 

FOx Biosystems has the ambition to advance todays bioprocess monitoring methodologies after successfully completing a preliminary evaluation that compared different biosensor devices to monitor bioprocess related proteins. The unique flexibility, robustness, speed, sensitivity and ease of use not only accelerates the cell development process, but also allows to transfer these analyses to manufacturing.

AgPlus Diagnostics

Scale Life Sciences participant: AgPlus Diagnostics

AgPlus has developed a game changing diagnostic platform for detection of human diseases which delivers laboratory instrument results at the point of care, addressing both market requirements and currently unmet needs. 

USP’s for AgPlus are full quantitation, high sensitivity and multi-sample and analyte capability. These enable medical professionals to match the right drug with the right patient at the right time, improving patient quality of life and reducing the cost of drugs which aren’t required.


Scale Life Sciences participant: SensAbues

Sensabues’ technology detects drugs, doping and diseases using exhaled breath (EB). EB is a proven alternative method to blood, urine and saliva sampling in applications requiring a quick, easy and precise collection procedure. EB contains aerosols which originate from lungs and blood, and provide revealing information for toxicology, pharmacology and clinical biochemistry.

Sensabues owns core IP for a low cost EB collection device, together with the validated methodology to collect, extract and detect non-volatile substances in breath aerosols using an electrostatic filter. EB offers better patient outcomes in terms of analytical accuracy and user-experience, whilst saving significant time, cost and inconvenience.


Scale Life Sciences participant: AssistMe

AssistMe is building the IoT ecosystem for elderly care of the future. By pioneering precision care, AssistMe empowers caregivers to transform routine-based care processes into need-based ones.

Their first solution is a digital care assistant that transforms absorbent incontinence products into an indispensable link between caregiver and resident. It can determine the optimal time of change and differentiate between urine and stool excretion.

AssistMe makes care recipients' needs visible to caregivers, independent of routine checks. The automated flow of information through their system ensures care is delivered when needed, eliminating unnecessary intrusions and promoting healthier, happier ageing.


Testimonials from participants

"Thanks to the PwC Scale programme, we’ve been able to rework our strategy and make sure our assumptions are correct based on what we’ve learned about the Life Sciences market to make our offering as valuable as it can be. It’s also been eye-opening to be in the company of others in our field and share ideas and learn from each other, Life Sciences is a hugely broad field, but PwC really made sure we’re a good fit for the programme.”

Hanna Sjöström, CEO, GPX Medical AB

Hanna Sjöström, CEO, GPX Medical AB

“To be honest, we weren’t convinced that this PwC Scale programme was right for Breezo as we weren’t sure the Life Sciences sector was for us. We’ve certainly changed our minds since we’ve attended, on both counts. The Master Classes are superb. We totally rethought our value proposition as a result. It’s about so much more than just theory."

Niko Lecluyse, Co-Founder, Breezo

Niko Lecluyse, Co-Founder, Breezo

"That a firm like PwC - with a reputation for serving more mature enterprises - is investing in early-stage companies and offering expertise to help us move forward is phenomenal. I would highly recommend the PwC Scale programme to any start-up. I look forward to working with PwC in the future as we require the firm’s different areas of expertise.”

John Trainor, CEO, Sensabues

John Trainor, CEO, Sensabues
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