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Scale HR participant: Joboti builds smart chatbots for Recruitment. For your website, Facebook Messenger and WhatsApp.

Text is the most natural way to interact with computer systems and automating conversations creates innovative and scalable opportunities for a personalized candidate experience. Imagine a virtual recruiter who can assess potential candidates with (psychometric) tests for pre-selection and assists with the onboarding process.

Recruitment Smart Technologies

Scale HR participant: Recruitment Smart Technologies

Recruitment Smart automated the end-to end talent supply chain process for organizations to effectively find, qualify and hire the best talent before their competitors. The recruitment sector has identified an unmet need that is likely to arise from the expected surge in jobseekers, along with potentially prohibitive hiring costs to employers, as a result of COVID-19. 

Recruitment Smart developed an AI-based recruitment platform that brings existing and prospective employers and COVID-19 impacted employees/jobseekers together in one place. In doing so, it aims to streamline hiring systems and reduce costs for employers.


Scale HR participant: theMatchBox

theMatchBox is a B2B software company building solutions for the HR industry. 360Match allows HR professionals to operate faster and more effectively in the labor market in the field of recruitment & selection and secondment by improving the quality of candidate and vacancy data, making them searchable, interpreting and matching candidates with vacancies automatically or assisted with the highest precision and recall on the market. 

360Match is a core building block for the digital transformation of HR departments and HR companies.


Scale HR participant: Owiwi

Owiwi is an online, self-service, SaaS, talent assessment platform which utilizes serious-games aimed at assessing players’ soft skill strengths and areas of improvement. Combining the latest trends in big data, gamification, psychological research and intricate game design, they have created a tool whereby players engage in an immersive gaming experience where their every interaction helps to shape a comprehensive soft skills profile. 

With their revolutionary Assessment Tool, Owiwi aims to replace old and unsophisticated means of assessment with exciting and fun serious games which “unlock” candidate profiles and provide valuable insight to hiring managers that can help avoid making costly bad-hires - but that also empower these brands through a pleasant and enjoyable recruitment/candidate experience. A truly unique value proposition - we save businesses time and money by helping them find the right talent for the right roles in a way that’s quick, efficient and fun; all through a scientifically proven method.

Scale HR participant: helps its customers to accelerate innovation to remain or to become a leading company in the market. is currently the only objective & scientifically proven assessment on innovation skills in the world. Based on the results of their unbiased simulation test, organizations can unleash hidden innovation talent from within and build innovation dream teams. Additionally, can be used for hiring new employees with specific innovation skills & profiles.


Scale HR participant: Matterway

Matterway accelerates day-to-day tasks of HR service employees to improve employee experience and save costs. While automation has seen a meteoric rise, it only addresses simple tasks. Most work in HR however, such as creating and updating employee records, is still done by employees. This work typically takes a lot of time and is frustrating, as it requires lots of duplicate data entry and searching information across applications.

Matterway addresses this gap. Its browser plugin provides an easy-to-configure overlay that guides, simplifies and automates each of the steps employees have to execute, reducing a task’s handling time by up to 80%.


Scale HR participant: Sharpist

Sharpist creates aha moments at scale. They build the mobile platform that helps professionals pursue their careers with greater engagement, focus, and productivity. Their turnkey learning and development solution combines 1:1 video coaching sessions with continuous micro-learning exercises. In a nutshell, Sharpist lets organizations scale world class executive coaching to their entire workforce.

Social Seeder

Scale HR participant: Social Seeder

Social Seeder is a communication platform that enables companies to create a community of brand ambassadors for their organisation. By supporting our clients with a full-service solution, Social Seeder helps organisations with both the strategic and tactical implementation of their ambassador program.

The platform leverages its ease of use to help organisations with maximizing the impact of their ambassador program and thus creating a community-based company culture.

But Social Seeder is much more than a communication platform. The use of Social Seeder’s platform supports the organization cross-departmental, going from marketing to sales to HR. With their Ambassador Activation framework, the Social Seeder team helps each department achieve their respective goals and how to set up a successful ambassador program.


Scale HR participant: Platypus

Platypus is put in this world to help companies get to the bottom of the actual culture that drives their organization. 

This is done by measuring the core values of all employees and aggregate this data via their algorithm to give you a cultural map showing you the culture of the organization across departments, locations, seniority levels, and much more.

With this data in hand, you will be able to do strategic hiring for culture adds, keep track of cultural misalignment and monitor how well you’re doing on the topics that really matter to your people throughout every stage of your talent lifecycle, from attraction to management to retention.


Scale HR participant: Jubiwee

Jubiwee is a new generation People Management tool. It allows managers and HRs to track their team's morale in real time, identify topics that could lead to disengagement or turnover in their context, and provides targeted recos and services. In 3 years they’ve had a strong momentum, working with 10000+ teams in entities like Allianz, L’Oréal or the French Government and helping them improve employee engagement by 25% and retention by 2%.


Scale HR participant: Boostrs

Boostrs delivers data and insights related to the Future of Work. They help HR managers and business leaders understand how jobs are evolving within their organization, what impact they have on their employees and what actions need to be taken (training, reclassification, internal mobility, etc.). Boostrs takes Strategic Workforce Planning out of the dust by making it simple and dynamic.

Currently offering 3 products:

  • Skillmapper to create and manage automatically your jobs and skills repositories
  • Skillfinder to translate automatically a training catalogue into skills
  • Talentmapper to map all your employees’ skills


Testimonials from participants

“We were likely one of the more advanced start-ups on the PwC HR Scale programme, already having access to some funding. We still found a number of the masterclasses extremely valuable for our business, offering new ideas. The other helped confirm thoughts we’d already had, which is always comforting. I think if you’re a younger start-up, a programme like this would be invaluable to helping accelerate your growth.”

Daniel Bowen, COO and Co-Founder, Platypus.

Daniel Bowen, COO and Co-Founder, Platypus

“You don’t know what you don’t know. Attending a programme like PwC HR Scale programme offers new insights and can therefore add real value to a start-up business. We really appreciated the support on offer and introduction to leads from the PwC Network.”

Nico Blier-Silvestri, CEO and Co-Founder, Platypus.


Nico Blier-Silvestri, CEO and Co-Founder, Platypus

“I’ve taken part in a number of programmes like PwC HR Scale and I found this one exceptional. The sessions that brought together multiple PwC experts from different parts of the business to offer more rounded advice and mentorship were a real highlight. They see what’s happening in industry day in day out and could combine and share their expertise and experience in a meaningful way. Having access to that knowledge on a first-hand basis and having hands-on coaching from these experts was really very valuable. It was also a great means to start building a relationship with PwC as a whole.” 

Soeren Munke, Head of Go-to-Market, Matterway

Soeren Munke, Head of Go-to-Market, Matterway

“You’re never too old to learn, that’s my motto and one of the key reasons I willingly take up opportunities like attending the PwC HR programme. I also don’t believe in reinventing the wheel, so look to learn from others who’ve already devised concepts and ideas that may be of use to me. The programme was fast-paced with great content. Of particular relevance to me was lead generation in a digital world, creating a modern sales organisation and building ecosystems, topics I believe today’s businesses can’t do without. While the experience calls for an investment of time and resources, it allows you to learn quicker than you would without it and shows you where your focus should be. Having ongoing access to materials and PwC experts for guidance is a real added value too.” 

Peter Daels, Managing Director,

Peter Daels, Managing Director,

“The fact that PwC contacted me to take part in the PwC HR Scale programme was flattering in and of itself. Looking into the content I could see its intrinsic value and its real relevance to my business and sector. And backed by the PwC brand, I knew it would be a high-quality offering. With that being said, I went with no real expectations, but an open mind to see what I might learn and gain from this experience. The experts were really the crème de la crème in their respective fields, both from within PwC and from outside. I also took a lot from the other participants, learning about their business models and what I could leverage to refine and boost Owiwi’s value proposition. I would certainly recommend the experience to others.”

Ilias Vartholomaios, CEO and Co-Founder, Owiwi

Ilias Vartholomaios, CEO and Co-Founder, Owiwi
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