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Scale programme: Digital Operations Alumni

Discover our Scale: Digital Operations participants


Remix logo

Remix Robotics is an automation design agency that builds custom robotic systems, Remix helps companies to become more effective, cost efficient and innovative. 

Remix supports the entire automation journey by:

• Identifying areas for automation

• Building long term implementation strategies

• Developing turnkey solutions (hardware and software)

• Integrating 3rd party systems 

• Producing solutions at scale to service all areas of clients sites



Digital Operations programme participant: iGenius - Reimagining data interaction

iGenius is the native AI company that reimagines data interaction for businesses and augments business intelligence with AI.

With offices in Milan, US, UK and Switzerland, iGenius strives to open up data to all workers who need it, empower decision-making and transform business with the power of AI. 

iGenius created crystal - the first AI advisor for data intelligence that makes business analytics accessible and adds direction to data-driven decisions.



Digital Operations programme participant: Pulselabs

Innovation design agency and manufacturing partner helping firms win using Industrial IoT in Europe.

The Pulse App and Smart sensor offers a complete remote monitoring and alerting solution for industrial machinery to empower maintenance and production teams at a lower cost, with better insights and less hassle from bespoke systems

Mission: Modernisation of our partners’ machinery and workforces to achieve more with less.


Digital Operations programme participant: Trustrace

TrusTrace is an end-end digital platform for product traceability which enables brands and producers to makes their products better (sustainability & quality wise) by understanding and improving product footprint and product compliance. TrusTrace leverages technology - Artificial Intelligence, IoT and Blockchain - to decrease the cost of data collection and improve data quality.


Digital Operations programme participant: Actyx

Actyx is a technology company that provides a decentralized Edge-App platform that dramatically reduces the cost to flexibly automate factory processes. Developers use the platform to design, develop, and manage modern factory apps faster and more reliably. The Actyx platform is unique in that it doesn’t require a central server to run solutions, which dramatically increases reliability and scalability (no central point of failure). 

With the Actyx platform, factories are becoming more productive and flexible at the same time. Actyx already has a wide breadth of partners from automation system integrators to modern business IT-service providers that are building solutions on top of the Actyx platform.


Senseforce: Digital Operations Scale Programme participant

Senseforce is an end-to-end IIoT platform with rich fog computing capabilities and very intuitive low-code interfaces specifically designed for SMEs in the manufacturing industry.

Senseforce understands that time, money and IT capacities are limited resources specifically amongst our target group of SMEs. Therefore it has lowered the entry barrier towards a successful digital transformation with an extremely user-friendly UI that creates unparalleled flexibility.

Its existing applications feature rich AI capabilities which reduce the need for mechanical engineering specialists in order to improve processes. It also integrates seamlessly into existing IT Landscapes.

The platform enables data to drive change and growth throughout every part of the company creating new products, services and commercial opportunities.


Enging: A Digital Operations Scale programme participant

Enging is an innovative Portuguese company, specialized on advanced and disruptive industrial asset condition monitoring solutions to monitor the condition of the electric motors and power transformers.

Exclusively using electrical variables and based on the latest IIoT technologies, Enging develops disruptive, non-invasive and real-time monitoring solutions that allow for an extremely precocious and accurate online fault detection, being a pioneering technology in the market, highlighted not only by the  obtained results, but also by the lower costs when compared to other existing technologies.


Digital Operations programme participant: Indoorway

Indoorway has developed an Internet of Things (IoT) solution that provides manufacturing companies with data and insights about their production and intralogistics processes. 

Indoorway’s product is a real-time location system that monitors movement of assets such as forklifts, workers, work in progress, material handling equipment, tools, etc. Manufacturing companies use the data to improve productivity of their operations by reducing operating costs, introducing automation to processes and increasing production output through efficiency gains. 

Indoorway clients represent such sectors as automotive, FMCG, electronics, industrial components, food processing.


Digital Operations programme participant: CloudBackend

CloudBackend uniquely ties together Edge Cloud Computing and Serverless Computing and completely removes the need of running your own code at the edge. By providing a no touch edge that automatically makes data available on demand whenever requested, the cloud can finally become industrialized. Customers in industries such as telecom, automotive, consumer electronics, industrial automation, and IoT, are actively searching for a solution to gather and process, manage, and synchronize data across the edge. Several companies are building Edge Cloud Computing Infrastructure and CloudBackend provides the technology that makes it possible for them to become part of the Edge Platform as a Service marketplace, where end-customers can buy capacity from a single legal entity and have an abstraction layer that removes all the complexities by having numerous underlying infrastructures and technologies.


Digital Operations programme participant: Sensolus

If your business relies on complex logistics or if your non-powered assets play a crucial role in your daily operations, it is key to create transparency. With Sensolus’  low-power trackers, you can connect your non-powered assets directly to the Internet to get visibility and control on your processes

Over the years, this Belgian scale-up gathered a lot of experience in industrial manufacturing serving customers as Airbus, SUEZ, Atlas Copco, ABInbev and Volkswagen. They provide affordable and reliable tracking for non-powered assets (such as returnable packaging) which comes with minimal installation, no infrastructure and just works anywhere.


Testimonials from participants

"I've had a lot of experience with dedicated programmes for startups, both as a participant and as an organiser, and can honestly say that the PwC Scale programme ticked the right boxes. The content was relevant to our profile and addressed the challenges we face very well. I would certainly recommend it to firms looking to accelerate their growth. I particularly liked the sessions focused on building and scaling sales processes as this was an area with which we needed some help. We’re already implementing some of the recommendations we learned with PwC Scale. The organisation was also top notch, not an easy task given that COVID-19 suddenly forced the programme to become fully virtual. It showed that even large organisations like PwC can be agile!"

Adam Komarnicki, CEO, Indoorway

Contact quote Myrthe Jans

"As a scale-up, and quite frankly as people, we’re facing unprecedented times. The PwC Scale programme proved to be an incredible opportunity to share experiences, best practices and feedback from peers facing the same exact challenges as us. It helped us put greater focus on our go-to-market strategy and taught us how to carefully define which markets we want to reach and identify key partners to work with to get there. It’s certainly helped us accelerate our international expansion. The PwC Scale programme was packed with interesting sessions, I’d highly recommend it to anyone looking for innovative solutions to new and old problems."

Uljan Sharka, CEO, iGenius

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