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Carbn is a gamified app which simplifies climate action by promoting green habits.

The Climate Action Challenge is a B2B layer that sits on top of the Carbn app which enables companies to drive sustainable behavior of employees.

The app enables to  and to . These can then be exchanged for products that aim to help .

Via this platform, individuals and organisations can:

  • Compare performance on sustainability measures against peers
  • Receive GreenMiles for efforts
  • Aim to reduce the company’s environmental impact

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Excess Materials Exchange

Far too many valuable resources and materials are wasted or ill-designed in the current paradigm, for which the planet must pay a heavy price.

Excess Materials Exchange (EME) finds new high-value reuse options for materials or (waste) products for companies based on AI algorithms through a digital matching platform.

What's in it for you: 

  • Recource passport
  • Track and Tracing
  • Valuation
  • Matchmaking



Faradai logo

Faradai provides an end-to-end enterprise platform for carbon reporting, sustainability target tracking and digital energy management and optimisation. The platform helps increasing efficiency and accuracy in capturing your energy and sustainability data. Through the power of AI, it provides a detailed analysis and the clarity needed to reach Net Zero goals. Also, with its dedicated Customer Success team, Faradai ensures that companies get the most value out of the platform.

            Faradai Sustain

  • Set targets
  • Track your progress against them
  • Have a clear and transparent pathway to reaching your Net Zero goals provided by the task management workflows

            Faradai Energy

  • Understand how much energy is being used, where and when and conducts detailed analysis and comparisons to provide actionable insights.


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Global Sustainable Enterprise System (GSES System)

GSES logo
Data for good logo

The Global Sustainable Enterprise System (GSES System) is a sustainability rating platform based on third party verified data. It uses worldwide accepted standards (over 550 ecolabels, certificates and tools) to holistically measure the sustainability performance of organizations, supply chains, projects and products in 1 sustainability & ESG rating platform.

Data for Good (DfG) is the daughter company of GSES. It is the first platform that tracks the progress made on all Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) by companies, citizens, and governmental bodies with the ambition to involve all stakeholders in achieving those SDGs.

  • Manage your own supply - Create your own sustainable procurement dashboard on the GSES System platform and manage, monitor and stimulate your supply chain.
  • Showcase your sustainablility performance - GSES systems provides rating cards for products and companies. Easily share rating cards and make sustainability one of your unique selling points.
  • All achievements into one asset - No more confusion due to the multitude of your certifications and reports. Assessments made easy. 
  • Manage your investments and green loans - Get deep insight on the ESG and sustainability performance of investees or lenders. 
  • Turn investments into green investments and loans into green loans with GSES System. 

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Hobeen logo

Hobeen is a Software as a Service (SaaS) that helps households reduce their energy consumption and therefore, their carbon footprint. 

To achieve this, Hobeen’s app uses big data generated by smart IoT devices to analyse the household’s energy behavior. With its AI algorithm, it then improves consumption habits’ efficiency by providing personalized advice through a gamified experience, with the aim to achieve global energy savings in water, light and heating.

By doing so, Hobeen supports households in reducing their carbon footprint, prevents them from wasting natural resources and helps them optimize  costs.

What Hobeen has to offer:

  • A single app that allows users to control their entire home while helping them save on their bills and resources (light, heating, water).
  • Enhancing sustainability by making all users part of the fight against climate change, through education and community
  • Tested technology based on AI and big data to study users’ consumption behaviours to minimize energy consumption
  • Hobeen taylors its products to customers (Identity, content. etc) to help them create value

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Inhabit logo

When it comes to climate action, it’s often hard to know where to start, especially for SMEs. To support them in overcoming this challenge, Inhabit has created ACT – a simple toolkit for moving to Net Zero, which does not require a substantial team or budget to make a significant difference. 

By marrying a climate tech Software as a Service (SaaS) with B2B marketplace tools, Inhabit connects both sides of the market and offers the most valuable route to Net Zero at any given time. Inhabit aims at supporting SMEs in measuring, reducing and reporting carbon emissions as well as integrating this path to Net Zero at the heart of the business.

  • Measure - Inhabit will give you an accurate measure of your Operational Carbon Footprint and an in-depth breakdown of everything that’s part of it.
  • Reduce impact - You’ll get a customised reduction plan to meet your goals, together with targets, objectives and projected impact - all aligned with the SBTi framework.
  • Report - You can create your impact reports automatically and share them with your customers, partners and investors
  • Integrate - Inspire your team to make climate action
    a habit

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Klimate logo

Klimate helps companies achieve Net Zero by combining carbon removal technologies into portfolios that match its clients' budgets and ambitions. Beyond derisking the pledge to become Net Zero, Klimate helps scaling the carbon removal industry and its technologies to reverse global warming.

Through Klimate's portfolios, companies can remove the CO2 that corresponds to their unavoidable emissions from the atmosphere. To do so, Klimate finances and scales carbon removal solutions through long term Carbon Purchasing Agreements that lock in future additional removal already today. offerings:

  • Carbon Removal Portfolios - Sent a market signal by using frontier technology, reduce the threat of greenwashing by going beyond trees, set a feasible cost, matching budget and ambition and predict the size of investment going forward.
  • Carbon Purchase Agreement (CPA) - A Carbon Purchase Agreement is a contract entered into between an issuer and a purchaser of Carbon Dioxide Removal credits. The goal is for the Purchaser to have access to CDR credits in the future, at pre-agreed costs, volumes and terms. 
  • Combining Carbon removal portfolios and CPA - Bulk purchasing creates access, efficiency & additionality. 

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The greenshot logo

TheGreenShot is a Green Management Suite that radically changes the paradigm of how businesses become sustainable.

  • It orients sustainable choices that also save money through a real-time costs and carbon tracker

  • It automates reporting and saves time by cutting hours of re-encoding through open interfaces

  • It involves every team member to upskill workforces progressively through an inclusive approach

The GreenShot offerings:

  • ESG reports for commercials - TheGreenShot ensures that the production of commercial videos by providers conform to the client's environmental requirement and generates an ESG compatible report including Scope 3 contributions
  • Cost-efficient sustainability - Why is sustainability not yet universal? Because ‘it costs more’. By connecting in real-time sustainable choices with the actual costs, TheGreenShot removes this barrier and helps organisations choose new processes that also save money
  • People engagement platform - TheGreenShot has worked out unique engagement and knowledge sharing features to involve every team member
  • Branching out to new markets - Currently available for audiovisual productions - from feature films to commercial videos - TheGreenShot is piloting an SME version that embeds sustainability at the heart of their operations

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Testimonials from startups

“TheGreenShot has developed a software solution that connects operational costs and carbon footprints in real-time for the film and audiovisual production industry. We've been commercially operational for a year and we joined the Climate Tech Scale programme to complement our existing knowledge and expertise. The Masterclasses, especially the pitching session, gave us this. We learnt a  whole new language to explain and present our solution, which, with a complex solution like ours in a crowded marketplace, is vital. It was a real revelation!

We also joined the programme to meet other start-ups for potential collaboration. That’s exactly what happened and we’ve entered into a partnership with, a Danish technology-based carbon removal portfolio start-up to create together a carbon-neutral advertisement production workflow that will enable us to connect to large brands and corporations.

The ongoing support from PwC during the programme was a real bonus and connecting us with other parts of PwC was a great idea. 

The Scale programme was an excellent way to get pointers for the next step in a start-up’s development.”

Véronique Pevtschin, CEO - TheGreenShot

"We applied to join the Scale Programme because we were looking to grow our customer base, and we felt that with PwC we’d be able to get access to the kind of networks we need. 

The best part for us was meeting the PwC team and forging close working relationships. It was also very useful to go through the pitch deck with someone that we were not trying to sell to - it changed the perspective and helped us to structure it better. My advice to anyone considering applying for the Scale programme: there’s a lot on offer, and as a startup there are also likely to be significant demands on your time, so try to be aware at the outset of what you want to get out of it."

Cameron Epstein, CEO - Inhabit

Looking across the various support programmes for startups, what really differentiated the offering from PwC’s Scale Programme for us was the focus on climate tech. It made it much more efficient to participate in a cohort of startups specialised in climate – and the group was diverse too, with UK, Spain, the Netherlands and other countries represented. It’s basically a community of people in the same boat, facing similar challenges, and learning from one another.

One of the most valuable aspects was the masterclasses, especially the focus on pitching. For some people this is a skill that comes naturally, but no one learns it at school, most of us have learned as we go! The Scale Programme helped us to structure the pitch better, by understanding what information needs to come from it. It’s also very useful to understand how corporates can see what tools startups need in order to grow. It helped us to see what is lacking – and to see the bigger picture.

My advice to other startups thinking about participating in the Scale Programme – don’t get overwhelmed by the workload, but do make sure that you’ll be able to prioritise some time for it every week. It’s really worthwhile, given the quality of the resources that are made available to programme participants.

Oriane Wiser, Project Manager - GSES


Testimonials from corporates

“We joined PwC’s Climate Tech Executive event to continue to follow the market evolution on the ESG space and its startups. We weren’t disappointed. PwC did the hard work of filtering out the best startups and I was really impressed by the professionalism of the organisation and the quality of the presentations, the topics selected were spot-on. 

We’re a market leader and operate on a B2B environment, so finding a start-up exactly matching or complementing our needs is a big ask. But we didn’t come away disappointed, as we entered into interesting discussions with PwC. 

It was easy to attend the event as well; being fully remote meant I had the time to fit it into my working day. I’m looking forward to being invited to future events like this and I’ll be sure to inform my colleagues too.”

Pedro Faleiro Silva, IT Innovation Lead - Euroclear


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