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Blockbax offers a fully configurable and scalable low-code IoT platform. The software transforms data from sensors and machines into valuable insights and actions, enabling  growers and farmers to reduce waste and enhance productivity.  

By digitizing processes like water management, soil monitoring and yield monitoring, they enable companies to be more efficient, safe and sustainable. Blockbax also helps with managing energy assets such as solar panels, batteries, but also silo’s, pumps and other critical operational assets

What’s in it for you?

  • Blockbax can monitor performance and condition data of all assets, such as pumps, silo’s and machines used in the farming process to proactively notify the user of potential issues allowing for timely repair or inspection.

  • Blockbax combines all data on energy consumption in the production process in a single view, in order to have an optimal alignment between energy consumption and production.

  • Remote monitoring of greenhouse or farm conditions, optimizing the use of water, energy, fertilizers and pesticides.

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Foodsteps is a leading provider of environmental footprint data and environmental labels for food companies, making environmental impact measurement and reduction easier to achieve. 

The Foodsteps SaaS platform allows food companies to track and improve the sustainability of their food across the supply-chain and create tools for engaging customers and driving change.

What's in it for you ? 

  • Foodsteps helps you to measure and communicate your food carbon impact, making net zero easier to achieve. Foodsteps can also perform Full Life Cycle Assessments if needed. 

  • Empower your team to monitor your food footprint, develop lower impact products and generate carbon labels with flexible and easy to use tools.

  • Receive highly accurate food labels that display the carbon footprint per serving of each item, nudging consumers towards sustainable choices.

  • Link the Foodstory web-app with Foodsteps labels via a QR code and provide consumer-facing context for your sustainability claims.

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Harvest AI

HarvestAi develops forecasting models for indoor farms powered by advanced machine learning and computer vision.

They are committed to help indoor farmers predict harvest dates and yields leading to greater efficiency, sustainability, and profitability.

What’s in it for you? 

  • Supporting strategic planning across large-scale operations.

  • Empowering indoor farms to produce optimally, better aligning with market demands and timings.

  • Enabling precise labor planning for crop growth, maintenance, and harvesting.

  • Reducing crop vantage and supporting resource optimization.

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Nasekomo has developed a technology to transform organic agro-industry by-products into high-quality animal protein products extracted from Black Soldier Flies.

While developing sustainable and scalable insect farming solutions, Nasekomo addresses the increasing demand for protein while reducing the environmental impact of traditional livestock farming practises. 

What’s in it for you ? 

  • Providing a sustainable and scalable source of protein for a variety of food and agriculture applications, including animal feed and pet food. 

  • Helping reduce waste in the food and agriculture industry by using organic waste materials as feed for insects.

  • Offering a unique and innovative approach to protein production, making them an attractive option for food manufacturers and other stakeholders looking to differentiate themselves in the market. 

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Opus Insights

Opus Insights offers a cloud based platform as a Service intended to handle immense datasets and transform them into actionable insights, tailored to each business’ needs. 

They combine machine learning, artificial intelligence and big data analytics to turn massive datasets into scientifically validated insights. 

What’s in it for you? 

  • All included data management, based on gathering and analysing proprietary and/or additional datasets – drone, plane, satellite, manual and scientific data.

  • Solid knowledge management based on scientific validated knowledge to interpret data and provide advice for decision-making activities.

  • User-friendly interface management: fully operational, comprehensive and easy to navigate online platform built to handle heavy user traffic.

  • Powerful model management: based on high processing speed and accuracy allowing for affordability and scale – through Artificial Intelligence, Deep Learning and Machine Learning High data processing power.

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reNature assists farmers and corporates in the transition to regenerative agriculture.

Through their project management, reNature provides agronomical technical assistance, monitoring & evaluating impact indicators, accessing offtakers and potential carbon markets. From design and implementation to scale, reNature tackles climate change and biodiversity loss:

What’s in it for you ? 

  • Design and forecast: Basic Regenerative Design for main commodities per biome. Develop a detailed planting plan & forecast.

  • Planning & implementing:  Context Analysis to adjust design to local needs and situation. Implementation and Capacity building by reNature.

  • Carbon credits & market access: Carbon and other ESS Credits (with carbon partners). Regenerative raw material market (with B-Corp)

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Sensonomic has developed a decision-making software enabling crop performance monitoring. Through a mobile- and web application, Sensonomic improves crop insight, predict yields, and organise operations to increase productivity, profitability and sustainability.

Sensonomic delivers purpose-built data capture and data storage, enabling you to create immediate and long-term value from your observations throughout the year. 

What’s in it for you ? 

  • Phased predictions and monitoring of crop volume and quality. The analytics output improves insight for agronomic and operations planning.

  • Helps plan and reduce costs of harvest campaigns. During the crop maturation phase, the software provides a harvest plan, and predicts where and when harvest starts.

  • Enables to capture the maximum harvest value. The software offers full operational control, where people and machinery can be redirected as soon as your insights are updated.

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Tilkal is a traceability and transparency SaaS platform, analyzing the supply chain from end to end and identifying important facts to improve the functioning of the sector. 

By combining blockchain and big data technologies, the Tilkal platform makes it possible to extend and facilitate the collection and exchange of traceability data between actors, while ensuring their auditability. 

What’s in it for you ? 

  • A decentralized network (blockchain) for the confidential collection and sharing of data between actors in a supply chain / sector.

  • A business platform (SaaS) for end-to-end supply chain monitoring and analysis in real time (detection of anomalies, reports, alerts, KPIs, end-to-end follow-up of recalls).

  • Dedicated B2B mobile applications to digitize data in the field.

  • A configurable web app bringing transparency to the consumer.

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Trinity aims to create sustainable food systems and empower farmers and their stakeholders to be more productive, profitable, and environmentally conscious through their easy to use SaaS platform called “Sandy”. 

Sandy is a Smart Natural Capital Navigator, enabling users to measure, manage and monetise their natural resources. The platform allows users to share information with other stakeholders also includes an independent ISO certified carbon calculator.

What’s in it for you ? 

  • Revenue opportunities such as carbon credits and payment for public goods through credibly assessing & improving farm’s carbon, biodiversity, water protection and agroforestry.

  • Environmental progress, greater productivity & financial resilience to prove to banks, retailers, government & other industry players. Enabling financial institutions to meet  ESG commitments & green financing strategies for food and farming sectors. 

  • Added value in supply chains and products/services via traceability, enabling new opportunities and differentiating output. Sourcing from sustainable farms & delivering on their environmental commitments and obligations for food supply chains.

  • Timely and impactful farming and supporting insights allow making informed decisions, bringing greater efficiency and profitability.

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Testimonials from our Scale Programme particpants

Being part of the PwC AgriFoodTech scale program has been absolutely fantastic, one of the big takeaways has been pitching in front of lots of corporates, investors and PwC themselves

Anya DohertyFoodsteps - CEO & Founder

It’s been a really fantastic experience, I loved meeting the other scale-ups! Super inspirational. Sustainability is important, it’s not a problem which is going away anytime soon and to hear from other organizations, who share that same passion that we share, has been fantastic

Anna WoodleyTrinity - Managing Director & Business Development

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