Tax Due Diligence Light

No corporate acquisition is 100% risk free 

Thinking about buying a Belgian company? Even small local targets can entail substantial tax risks; a quick tax scan is crucial to avoid unpleasant surprises.

An efficient first step to further analysis

Providing a (non-exhaustive) overview of potential tax risks, TDDL puts you in the driving seat so you can decide whether you need further analysis on certain items.


TDDL: an automated quick scan tool for tax

TDDL requests information from the company you’re looking to acquire and automatically turns it into a report that’s delivered quickly and efficiently. 

Automation offers speed, value and cost effectiveness 

The automated nature of the tool makes it possible to get a first view on the tax situation of your target quickly and at a limited cost. 


A comprehensive approach calling on proven experience 

TDDL has been created based on our vast experience of the tax issues we typically come across in our daily tax due diligence practice to make sure it delivers far-reaching results. 


Extensive coverage to meet your needs 

In addition to corporate income tax, TDDL also scans for other typical tax due diligence areas – VAT and social security, as well as combinations of these – to offer a wider perspective that perfectly matches your requirements. 


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