Corporate venturing

The key to speed innovation

What will your business look like in 10 years? 

Investing in innovation is a proven strategy for success. Innovative companies are more resilient for crises, are more attractive to new talent and are more likely to play a decisive role in the future of their industry. Sounds promising, doesn’t it?
Open innovation in particular allows large corporations to increase agility while exploring new types of partnerships and businesses. Collaborating with startups will create new opportunities. But don’t be fooled. Corporate venturing needs a solid strategy and an experienced team to make it work. We can help you with that.

Stop the theater, start creating real impact

Corporate venturing has matured over time and more and more companies evolve from innovation theater towards real impactful strategies. But how do you start?

What about a clear strategy?

‘What do you want to get out of these startup collaborations’ sounds like a straightforward question, but all too often it’s a difficult one to answer. We can help you define the goals and vision that are crucial to make corporate venturing a success.

How we work

From strategy...

1. Kick off meeting and corporate venturing readiness assessment

Questions diving deeper into today’s strategy, visibility and organization in terms of corporate venturing and each stakeholder’s personal view on the future initiatives ⇒ recommendations & specific actions

2. Strategy workshop

What solutions are you looking for? What startups are you looking for? What would make the innovation activities successful?

3. Proposition & visibility workshop

What's the value proposition towards startups? How will you make your activities visible in the startup ecosystem? How will you create internal visibility to ensure maximum innovation return?

4. Organisation workshop

What is the envisaged structure / operational organisation? Governance structure? Capabilities needed? execution

We support your corporate venturing journey from strategy to execution. We have the expertise and experience to support you with: 

  • M&A support specifically for startup targets

  • Spin offs for mature ventures of the company

  • Set up a CVC fund from A-Z

  • Partner with our accelerator programme

  • Set up your own accelerator programme 

  • Set up a Venture client model to start strategic partnerships with startups

How can your company benefit from corporate venturing?

Win-win situation: startups and corporates benefit equally

By collaborating with startups, established companies can generate a large number of advantages for themselves. Yet, the startups also benefit from cooperating with experienced entrepreneurs – making this a classic win-win situation.

Join our corporate venturing community!

PwC’s corporate venturing podcast

PwC's corporate venturing podcast

How can these cruise ships and speedboats successfully join forces?

Discover more about it in our corporate venturing podcast!

Check out our podcast

PwC’s Corporate Venturing Circle

Together with Antwerp Management School, we created a small community of innovation or corporate venture leaders within Belgium. On a frequent base, we come together to discuss corporate venturing topics and learn from each other’s experiences. 

Interested in joining? Reach out!


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Corporate Venturing event - Measuring impact with AMS

In our partnership with AMS, PwC proudly unveiled a report on measuring innovation success. We brought together innovation leaders from prominent Belgian corporates and European scale-ups, sparking insightful discussions on the transformative power of corporate-startup collaboration and the challenges it entails.

Relive the event by watching our aftermovie here!


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