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Beyond implementation - Technology as a transformation driver in your growth and innovation journey

Opportunities for business and technology leaders

The world is going through unprecedented levels of change, introducing new challenges and immense opportunities for organisations. The pandemic, climate change, political upheaval, economic crisis, changing workforce expectations, shifting technologies — companies may well feel like they are being assailed from all sides at once.

It is all pushing companies to re-evaluate their place in the world and strategically transform to secure their future. In fact, according to the PwC Global CEO survey of 2023, more than 40% of CEOs think their business will not be economically viable in 10 years if they continue on their current path! Making the right decisions and investments now is, literally, vital for survival.

Technology feeds the vision of what is possible

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Technology is traditionally a key driver of innovation and growth, as well as the backbone supporting business operations day-to-day. More recently, digital transformation has helped reshape industries and systems.

Today, advanced technology opportunities can help companies envision radically new ways to overcome the global challenges that impact them. Their options include:

  • specialised software and IT services
  • internet of things (IoT), big data and cloud computing
  • emerging and disruptive technologies such as artificial intelligence (AI), machine learning (ML), extended reality (XR), blockchain, metaverse, advanced robotics, drones, quantum computing and more.

An inspired and aspirational technology strategy – based on fully exploiting the opportunities – is essential to create and sustain long-term business value. More than ever before, technology leaders are part of the top-table decision making, responsible for building a technology strategy into overall business objectives, and for ensuring that the technology infrastructure is fit for growth and supports the organisation's ambitions.

In addition, as part of the business and technology strategy, technology leaders need to factor in transversals such as GDPR and data protection, data strategy, cybersecurity, change management and much more.

Blurring the line between strategist and technologist

Companies must make tough choices about how to use technology. As technology evolves, IT is often viewed as an expensive burden that's constantly growing. This perception overlooks the fundamental role IT plays in driving business transformation and enabling innovative business models. Nonetheless, making the right technology and digital investment decisions is hard.

That’s where we can help, using our ‘BXT’ – business, experience and technology – approach, crossing business and IT boundaries. With our strategy, industry and engineering experience, our global alliances, and our technology expertise, we can help you weave technology throughout your business to create something unique, to build your ‘tomorrow’.

Our team of experts brings extensive knowledge and a deep understanding of the latest technologies and trends, and experience from multiple successful strategy and transformation projects. Armed with this, we can provide strategic and practical support to help you:

  • align all stakeholders towards a common goal
  • assess your current IT maturity
  • design your future IT target operating model (TOM)
  • align all technology/digital solutions with business goals
  • set clear outcomes and specific performance metrics
  • evaluate and select the right technology/digital solutions
  • implement solutions designed to promote agility, flexibility and innovation
  • help technology/digital rollouts stay on or get ahead of plan and budget
  • manage change among employees
  • anticipate market changes and take advantage of emerging opportunities.
Technology and strategy woman working in front of screen

PwC’s Technology strategy services 

Expert advice on your IT strategy in the context of your overall business strategy, to help you solve complex business challenges and develop a strategic roadmap aligned with your objectives.

Helping you design and implement a tailored and robust governance framework that provides consistent IT management capabilities and aligns business with IT.

Helping you identify your optimal enterprise architecture and fully integrate IT into your architecture for maximum effectiveness and value.

Helping you adopt an agile approach to managing IT operations, building on agile methodologies applied at the organisational level, for greater speed and flexibility.

Providing IT service management (ITSM) solutions that are user-centric, delivering maximum speed, continuity and quality, tailored to your specific needs.

Expert support to identify the optimal sourcing model for your IT organisation, application and services.

Helping you, as a buyer, to fully understand the cost and impact of IT matters in a given transaction. By closely managing IT-related aspects of the transaction, we can also help limit business disruption and reduce risks.

Tailored guidance to help you manage the costs and benefits of your IT investments.

Showcasing what new technologies can mean for your business, how they can help you innovate and stay ahead of the curve.

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