PwC Hacking Experience

Better protect your business by understanding how a hack happens in real life

Test your defences and response skills

Today’s hacking campaigns and targeted attacks leverage malware and advanced techniques to propagate issues and compromise victims. How well do you understand the methods they use?

In our experience, they’re best illustrated using a live hacking demonstration where you play a role in taking critical decisions and progress the attack, while also testing your response skills. That’s what our unique interactive hacking demo is all about. It simulates a targeted attack in the modern killchain, demonstrating how companies and people are often breached today.

Rather than being deeply technical, our goal is to create real awareness for people at any technical management level and focus on the overarching process of hacking. By taking part in the PwC Hacking Experience, we hope to place you in a much better position to critically review available options when considering security assessments to help you maximise the value you gain from such activities.

How it works

During the session, you experience a real targeted attack by an advanced threat actor. You decide how to attack a fictitious company by behaving as a member of an advanced hacking team, learning about monitoring as a service (MaaS) platforms and choosing to take different steps to see how things happen in real life. You also get to experience the other side of the attack as you try to save the firm.

During the 'attack' we'll test your basic incident response actions, show possible quick analysis techniques and explain how proper threat intelligence can alert your company to dangers in advance. Sessions last between 45 minutes and two hours, depending on the target group and the choices of the attendees.

The Hacking Experience regularly serves as an interactive introduction to our Game of Threats workshop. Both tools are used for edutainment purposes in the context of security awareness.


Who is it for?

Management version

45 minutes

Anyone, including senior management and board members, without any technical background. This version is perfect for security awareness campaigns and cyber culture programmes.



Technical workshop version

Up to 2 hours

  • Anyone with a technical background looking to raise their security awareness and gain an understanding of the modern-day threat landscape and the advanced methods increasingly being deployed.

  • Professionals involved in penetration testing, CISOs and security officers involved in the assessment and security audit process seeking a fresh perspective on practices.



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