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We can help you embed innovation into your corporate DNA.

PwC Europe Experience Center, our vision is to develop business models for our customers which shape the future. Digitalisation is our tool to get there. For us, digitalisation exceeds the mere application of technology. We believe it’s about people and their experiences. Our mission is to revolutionise the future while getting the most out of our present. It´s not just about technology, it´s about new ways of solving problems creatively, create unique experiences and accelerating business growth. We are a community of makers.

Turn innovation to your advantage

Do you understand how different emerging technologies or digital trends could impact your business – and how you can make the most out of them? Are you able to use innovation to leapfrog the competition or disrupt your sector as a whole – or even enter an entirely different market? Is innovation already a part of your corporate DNA, if not, how can you change that? We can help you use innovation to get ahead.

To remain relevant as a business, you need to continually seek to improve how you work, develop new business models and create new products and services to meet evolving customer needs. Innovation is at the heart of all of that.

We can help you identify innovative ideas, deep dive into a particular idea or technology, use a design sprint to turn an idea into a prototype and/or embed innovation into your corporate DNA. 

Holistic approach to innovation services

Our innovation services will enable and inspire you to get ahead.

Seeing the total picture

We approach innovation in a holistic way, analysing every innovative idea not just from a technology angle, but investigating all aspects, including people, processes, legal implications, cost, security and privacy challenges. 

We facilitate innovation workshops using different methodologies

For the design sprint, we’ve created an approach that’s proven to be both agile and pragmatic. Based on design thinking, it’s a human-centred innovation process that emphasises observation, collaboration, fast learning, visualisation of ideas, rapid concept prototyping and competition business analysis.

Four stages of innovation services

How we can help

As a global network of functional experts with broad experience, we help you approach innovation in a complete manner to make sure all important aspects are considered. We provide a multi-disciplinary team to make sure we’re able to meet the needs of your specific business context, combining our specialists’ sector and business knowledge with deep technical expertise. With regards technology and vendors, we take a neutral approach, always doing what’s best for your business. 

We have a proven track record for boosting innovation at clients and making it a core part of their corporate DNA. You can take advantage of our innovation facilities in the way that suits you best; on-site, off-site or in our offices. You can opt for a two-hour session, half-day or full-day workshop, two-day protothon or five-day sprint.

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