Digital fitness assessment

How much digital potential does your business have and how can you leverage it?

Gain the insight you need to assess how your business measures up when it comes to digital innovation.

Take maximum advantage of opportunities

Not sure how to measure the digital maturity of your business?

We’re here to help. Our six pillar approach offers the insight you need to assess how your business measures up when it comes to digital innovation, and helps you identify ways to grow your business and take maximum advantage of opportunities.


Six pillars to digital success 

Define – What’s your organisation’s digital vision and how do you create value today?

Know – Understand your customers’ role in the digital economy and the potential impact on your company’s profitability and growth.

Trust – Are you adequately equipped to protect your assets, data and reputation in the digital age?

Accelerate – Do you have the capabilities and resources to execute and deliver digital initiatives?

Create – How do you generate new innovations, evaluate and develop them, and bring them to life?

Evolve – Learn to implement digital innovation through enabling technologies, processes and people.

Six pillars to digital success

Start your digital journey today

Digital health check

In just one to two weeks, a high-level assessment will deliver an evaluation of your digital maturity, highlighting opportunities for growth.

Digital insight

Building on the digital health check, in four to six weeks, we help you gain more detailed insight into the six pillars and required culture and behaviour changes, and identify areas of opportunity which form the basis of your digital transformation roadmap. Opportunities are identified via ideation workshops with external experts.

Digital transformation blueprint

Once you have digital insight, in eight to ten weeks, we help you develop a digital transformation blueprint comprising a high-level benefits case that evaluates the technologies that can help you realise the opportunities open to you and implement your ideas. It’ll put you on the road to digital success.

How we can help

Our digital fitness assessment is proven to help companies in all sectors identify where they are on the digital scale, spot opportunities and help them increase their digital maturity. We’ve created a ground-breaking interactive app that you can tailor to your specific business context to identify your individual digital needs. This sort of gamification helps increase participation and enhances engagement.

To help you reach higher levels of digital maturity, we call on our expansive network of professionals to make sure all important aspects are taken into account, including finance, tax, compliance, people and change, technology, supply chain, risk and legal.

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