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From experience, we know that starting a capital or infrastructure project generates its own set of risks, throughout the asset’s life cycle. These risks emerge from the moment the strategic need for the project has been identified, and before a single line has been drawn on the plan or the first brick has been laid. While these risks are multiple, they can be grouped into three distinct clusters: time (project delays), cost (cost overruns) and quality (quality defects). 

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With increasing reliance on technology new risks appear

The increasing integration of technology is helping to deliver efficient, connected, resilient and agile assets. However, this evolution also gives rise to new risks such as cyber risk and adds additional layers of complexity to projects. All of these need to be successfully managed to deliver on time, within budget and with the expected quality.


Supporting you throughout the asset life cycle

Against this context of existing and emerging risks, we assist Capital Project & Infrastructure (CP&I) stakeholders to ensure that their important capital projects and infrastructure stay on track. Our teams of engineering, industry and finance professionals work with clients from both the public and private sector and include investors, contractors, asset owners, shareholders and asset users.

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Capital Projects & Infrastructure

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