Intelligence and strategic threats

There’s a world of opportunities in both domestic and international markets, but do you really know who you’re dealing with?

Are you dealing with the right partner for your business?

Doing business with other organisations presents a wealth of new and exciting possibilities like mergers, acquisitions, new import and export opportunities and joint ventures.The prospects are unlimited, but you have to be wary of whom you’re dealing with.

Do you really know who they are? Do their values and practices align with yours?


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How we can help

The quality of our intelligence services is second to none. Our expertise, knowledge and methodology allow us to gain a deep understanding of your unique business needs to help us determine if potential associates pose a threat to your integrity, brand and reputation. Here’s how:

By leveraging our extensive network. We have our ear to the ground in 157 countries where we work closely with human sources and local entities like law enforcement, NGOs, authorities, journalists, civil society, industry leaders and more.

Our local connections provide us with actionable intelligence.

We have access to a vast database of resources and information including litigation, sanctions and corporate information. We’ll investigate your potential partners and warn of any red flags.  

We run comprehensive multilingual searches across the internet to see what’s being said – everywhere, by everyone.

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