Strategic sustainability

An effective sustainability strategy improves your organisation’s resilience against non-financial risks and reputation damages, enables market differentiation and identification of new opportunities while enhancing employee engagement.

Sustainability has become a main priority for organisations and an essential part of strategic planning. It can be incorporated into various elements of your strategy like regulatory compliance, brand identity, supply chain and business performance.

While it can be challenging to develop sustainability goals and values and incorporate them into your long-term strategy, it’s an essential endeavour: your reputation among consumers, business associates, employees and the general public can hinge on a solid sustainability programme.

How we can help

We’ll work with you to:

  • Identify the risks, opportunities and roadblocks to making your business more sustainable and risk resilient

  • Measure the impact of your business on the environment, society and the economy using benchmarking analysis, risk and opportunity assessment and our Total Impact Measurement and Management (TIMM) framework

  • Map your sustainability goals and develop a plan to achieve them

  • Incorporate your sustainability strategy into your overall corporate strategy

  • Track your sustainability programme via metrics like milestones and measurable targets

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