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Driving growth through generations

Driving growth through generations
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  • March 01, 2024

At PwC, we understand the unique challenges that family businesses face and the importance of finding effective solutions. We support family businesses in navigating these challenges and in achieving long-term growth and success.

Our Driving growth through generations booklet provides guidance on important topics for growing a private business, transferring it to the next generation, or selling it. 

Continuous growth is crucial, with a recommended growth rate of 10% every two to three years to maintain family wealth. We explore how family businesses can partner with private equity investors for financing and expertise, as well as how mergers and acquisitions can drive growth. Collaboration with startups and scale-ups can help family businesses innovate and develop new products and revenue streams.

Transferring a family business to the next generation is another critical challenge. Families need to develop early and well-considered plans for the transfer of ownership and management. Whether through inheritance, donation, or a sales transaction, a smooth transition considers factors such as valuation, financing, remuneration policies, and future governance.

Nurturing the business and maintaining trust are also essential for family businesses. They need to develop family governance structures, implement corporate and family governance, and create a shared mission and vision. Incorporating ESG (environmental, social, and governance) matters and diversity, equity, inclusion, and belonging (DEI&B) help family businesses to build trust with stakeholders and adapt to changing expectations.

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